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'Project Runway's' going back and forth into the future Marie Claire challenge

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Remember the 1985 movie “Back to the Future”? This week’s challenge on “Project Runway” Thursday was something like a re-creation of a blast from the past. This reality competition show’s partnership with Marie Claire magazine is now celebrating its 20th anniversary edition. What better way to celebrate, and give the designers a real challenge, then to create a look that’s 20 years into the future, 2034.

In 1994 is the year Marie Claire magazine, a fashion and beauty periodical originally from France, came to the U.S. “Project Runway” looked back on Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on what they were doing in 1994. Heidi just moved to New York City to become a model, while Tim was teaching at Parsons School of Fashion. The two main judges, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, saw them in the fashion world already. Nina was a fashion assistant working long hours and getting coffee. Zac was only 14, and knew back then fashion would be his career.

The workroom for the designers had photos of each of them from 20 years ago. For their challenge they were to go back to that time, and then create a look for the future, a la “Back to the Future.” It’s the first time in Season 13 they all took a field trip to Mood Fabrics. Most designers feel the future is bleak, so a lot of drab colors were everywhere. Sandhya featured a design that was bizarre, yet colorful with her love of metallics and pastels. Poor Angela had a great idea to incorporate a different style into Wall Street. One thing that’s certain is the corporate world never, ever changes.

On the runway it was fun to see the finished pieces coming down the catwalk. Not surprising were Angela’s sad flight attendant-like uniform Wall Street two-piece. Sandhya’s dress literally stood out from the rest futuristically, and she won her second challenge this season. It was inevitable Angela would be going home. She has been in the bottom three for three consecutive episodes.

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