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'Project Runway:' Outrageous design wins challenge

Tim Gunn mentor on Project Runway
Tim Gunn mentor on Project Runway
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Nespresso

Last night on “Project Runway” the 14 designers were advised that their challenge this week was to create a look that would be applicable 20 years from now, this is in celebration of Marie Claire magazine celebrating its 20th year anniversary.

They all were excited about the chance to look into the future, while recalling their own styles 14 years ago. The designers without question at some point found themselves in a panic because their creations seem to be straying in the wrong direction, others however, from the get go were confused and unlikely to remain in the competition, much less win. Sandhya’s design seemed avant-garde with a concept that just did not make sense and appeared muddled. Amanda who won last week and thus had immunity for this week was certain that her design would wow the judges and be at the top. Korina as usual, seemed more concerned with other people’s work rather than her own, and her work did not appear as one that would be at the top. Angela was panicked running around desperate and crying as if that would resolve her inability to create accordingly.

Then it was time for the runway show before the judges, first up was Kristine and her design was indeed futuristic and imaginative; Hernan was next and his design actually turned out to look more appropriate than initially when the top seemed too small to cover the model’s chest; Mitchell was next and the thought that came to mind with his full body suit was scuba diving; Amanda was next and the pants with their bell bottoms brought the 70's back to mind and the top was not innovative; Angela was next and flight attendant immediately came to mind not at all pleasing to look and also appeared uncomfortable; Emily created a jumpsuit that was futuristic and beautifully tailored; Samantha followed with a high neck line that seem to predict that in 20 years the weather will be cold; Kini was next and his design was beautifully created and it did appear as something a stylish woman would wear in the future; Fade was next and his creation had more color than the previous it looked comfortable to wear not too tight and tailored to perfection; Sean was next and funeral immediately came to mind, too dark, too sad; Char followed and her design was beautiful and innovative as well; Korina was next and her design was pleasing to look, however, as though it has been seen before; Alexander followed with what looked unfinished and made out of a dirty burlap sack; and Sandhya was next with a well-tailored imaginative deign that, seemed uncomfortable to wear.

And then those whose scores qualified them to move on to next week were announced and among those was Amanda, who was told that she was lucky she had immunity because none of the judges liked her design, and Amanda with her grandstanding attitude she has adopted this season seemed surprise, but grateful to move forward. The remaining designers had the best and worst looks and these were: Sandhya, Angela, Kristine, Alexander, Emily, and Sean. Sandhya was praised for creating something that despite appearing weird still seems appropriate for the future, and she ultimately won the challenge and at the top also were Emily and Kristine. Alexander was criticized for a design that looked like an old blanket, Sean’s design looked unfinished and wrinkled, and Angela’s was nonsensical and badly tailored and she was eliminated. Recaps, episodes, and information on the show are available at

“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.