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'Project Runway:' Only luck saves designer

Zack Posen judge on Project Runway
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for UNICEF

Last night on “Project Runway” the designers were taken to a movie theater and while seated in groups of three, they were informed that their next task was the always-scary and unpredictable Unconventional Challenge. They were to create their designs only from items found at a movie theater, including of course, the concession stand, in addition, it would be a team challenge and their teams were those among whom they were seating. And Hernan and Carrie were very concerned for their safety because Sandhya, who won last week and thus has immunity for these week; was the third member on their team. Also, all three designs although unique from each designer, nevertheless, had to be cohesive with the other two.

The designers jumped on their task, and from the get go some groups seemed on the verge of disaster, and their creations appeared muddled and pretty much something the judges would dislike. One group that appeared to be the most confused was comprised of Amanda, Korina, and Kristine. All three outfits seemed as though pieces put together on the fly without rhyme or reason. Then there was Angela, she was in a team along with Sean and Fade decided to create some type of flowers on her design; and such seemed too much in too little time, for something that in theory, did not have a wow factor.

Then came the runway show and the judges were excited, however, as always during an unconventional challenge: skeptical. The first group was the Red Team made up of Carrie, Hernan, and Sandhya and they all pretty much look alike, no not cohesive, alike as though created by the same person. The Silver Team was next and those were Amanda, Korina, and Kristine, and they all looked as though created by the same designer as well, who did not have much time left to finish. The Green Team followed made up of Samantha, Emily, and Alexander and yes these were cohesive and seemed as though a lot of thought went into the creation of each design. The Blue Team was next and it consisted of Angela, Sean, and Fade they all were creative, looked beautiful and together were cohesive. And then the Purple Team which included Mitchell, Char, and Kini, and indeed there was cohesion and Mitchell’s design was fantastic.

Then as all designers lined up, the members from the Red and Silver teams were asked to step forward and those remaining were told that their scores had moved them into next week. And those who were asked to stay represented the best and worst, the judges praised the Silver’s team designs, the neck lines apparently were creative, and they were relentless on the Red Team, all judges stating how the dresses looked so much alike and they told Sandhya that, if were not because of her immunity she would be going home. Amanda wound up being the winning designer from her team and will have immunity for next week, and Carrie from the losing team was sent home, and that was a great disappointment because Carrie appears to have a lot in her arsenal of creativity to show the world, unfortunately as far as “Project Runway” will not be the stage where she ultimately shines. Recaps and episodes can be watched online at

“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.

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