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'Project Runway:' New season, 15 new designers. and one alumni

Heidi Klum host and judge on Project Runway
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Last night was the premiere of “Project Runway” season 13, and 18 designers were invited to New York to present their best clothes to designer Zac Posen, Nina Garcia creative director for Marie Claire magazine, and Heidi Klum model and host. The surprises began when they were told that 15 would be moving on to compete, and they would be joined by a designer from a previous season that fans voted to return; it was between Ken Lawrence from season 12, Alexander Pope from season 12, and Amanda Valentine from season 11.

The three designers eliminated before the competition even began were: Nzinga Knight, Tim Navarro, and Emmanuel Tobias. The top 15 were then taken to the workroom and there they met the returning designer voted back in Amanda Valentine, who seemed to have lost her way in season 11, and it was unfortunate because she is a fantastic designer. Now, time to look at those making waves Korina and Mitchell, they bad mouth everyone because in truth they are insecure themselves, they criticized, laughed, and looked down on just about everyone specially Sandhya, who is humble works hard and has her own point of view, just as they should have and not put down those who know where they are headed. Then there is Samantha who is opinionated and has no problem throwing others under the bus, and appearing as though she is the know all.

The designers were given their first challenge, which involved designing one piece for a spring collection, a creation that would give an indication as to what the rest of their collection would look. Sandhya went ahead and died her fabric and created something that at first look was a bit too different for most, and Korina and Michell predicted that she would be on the bottom, and they would be at the top. And then came the runway and judgment, Korina’s scores just moved her onto next week, Mitchell was ripped apart by the judges, and Sandhya was praised for an innovative and creative garment. And at the end of the night, Sandhya was the winner, Mitchell was at the bottom along with Jefferson, and unfortunately it was this last designer the first casualty of the season. Recaps and information on the show can be found at

“Project Runway” runs on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. on Lifetime.

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