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'Project Potemkin' makes a major release

The Georgia-based, Star Trek-inspired fan production "Project: Potemkin" has released its most ambitious effort yet. "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky". The 54 minute episode once again raises questions about "Star Trek's" Prime Directive when the Potemkin comes across a planet eminanting mysterious "M" rays, which, of course, is according to the laws of physics, impossible.

When they beam down to the planet, the away team led by Captain Grigory find that an ancient race called "The Preservers" have been at work here. After a visit to Vulcan before Surak brought enlightenment and the rule of logic to a planet threatening to exterminate it's civilization through civil war, the Preservers took members of two warring tribes to the mystery planet in hopes of saving Vulcan culture.

Further investigation puts Captain Grigory (ably portrayed by veteran actor and acting teacher Jeffrey Green) in an impossible position: whether to follow the Prime Directive and allow genocide or to break it and perhaps ruin his career. His ultimate decision puts Grigory in a unique position among the Captains we've met throughout the various official and unofficial "Star Trek" productions.

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