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Project PAWW Spartanburg: Caring for the welfare of outdoor dogs

THIS is an example of a proper dog house
Facebook: Project PAWW Spartanburg

Project PAWW Spartanburg began as a group of volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of dogs who have to live outside in the summer heat and winter cold. In the beginning, the group focused on providing hay to help dogs stay warm during the winter.

The group has earned an outstanding reputation in the area for providing not only the basics in dog comfort, but so much more.

A GoFundMe campaign is under way to raise $6,000 to help fund Project PAWW Spartanburg. Donations will be used to purchase the necessities to keep dogs in Spartanburg and the surrounding area healthy. Only a third of what's needed has been raised.

Funds will go to buy
*A bale of hay ($6)
*Ties/tethers (to get the dog off of a heavy chain)
*Big bowls and buckets
*Dog food and treats
*Flea products
*Educational pamphlets
*Emergency fund to help with vet care

Project PAWW Spartanburg isn't a non-profit charity or group in South Carolina. For that reason, they depend on people like you to help dogs in the Spartanburg area.

Project PAWW believes in keeping dogs with the people who love them. They do this by educating the owner on what's appropriate for a dog and what's not.

There are many in South Carolina who are breaking the law as to what's considered acceptable shelter for an outdoor dog.

Many times when animal control is called out, the dog owner isn't educated that his piece of tin on top of a few cinder blocks isn't adequate for a dog. Animal control more often than not leaves the dog to suffer the elements at the hands of what may or may not be a caring dog owner.

The photo for this article is an example on what a dog shelter should be. It should have three sides and a roof. The popular Igloo dog house, for example, is also considered a good choice.

What a lot of people don't realize is the shelter should also be raised off of the ground so rain or mud doesn't rise up and flood the interior. Any shelter that doesn't provide all of the above is in violation of South Carolina law 47-1-10

Please support this wonderful group. Since they're not a charity, they depend on the generosity of others to continue their work. Project PAWW Spartanburg can be found on Facebook, or on their new website, where they share the success stories of the many dogs they've helped in the Spartanburg area.

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