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Project Naptha Chrome extension lets you manipulate image text

Project Naptha options screenshot
Project Naptha options screenshot
Screen shot by Sandy Stachowiak

Have you ever seen an image with a great quote, helpful information, or other text that you wish you could copy/paste? Normally when this happens, you have to retype what you see. Or, perhaps you have seen a photograph you loved, but it had text over the top of it. You may have wished that you could completely remove the text to simply reveal the picture.

Now there is an extension for Chrome called Project Naptha to help with these types of dilemmas. This great new tool allows users to copy, paste, edit, translate, or highlight text from most any image.

The extension works on images such as .jpgs or .pngs, but can also be used on .pdfs, animated .gifs, scans, memes, photographs, and diagrams.

Obtaining this extension for Chrome can be done by either visiting the Chrome Web Store or the Project Naptha website. Once the extension is downloaded it is easy to manipulate the text. Simply place your mouse over the image or item text, wait for the cursor to appear, drag to highlight the text, and then right-click your mouse to reveal the text options.

The extension does not work perfectly; however, it does work and can be a very handy tool to have!