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"Project Morpheus" - Sony's virtual reality headset for PS4

Washington University, located in St. Louis, received a system from Mechdyne, called CAVE, which “is used to review Mars data being sent back to earth from one of the two Mars Rovers, and to analyze data from the Phoenix satellite which is exploring Mars' North Pole” (Mechdyne). Students use this form of virtual reality for research and education.

This is what the upcoming virtual reality headset for the PS4, Project Morpheus, looks like.

Virtual reality has always been an intriguing way to play a video game, and with each advance in technology, VR gets better and better. Now that the eighth generation console has been on the market, another VR product will try and keep the unique gameplay popular.

Sony has gained another step over Microsoft after their unveiling of Project Morpheus—a VR headset—at the Game Developers Conference, located in San Francisco, on March 18. The company confirmed this upcoming piece of hardware for the PS4 only, at this time—the headset might be used with other video game hardware, such as the Vita, or other Sony products (Morris).

President of SCE Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, spoke at the conference, saying Sony has been using VR headset prototypes for the past three years, though now has a marketable one. "Virtual reality is the next innovation from SCE that we believe will shape the future of games. I have long dreamed about VR and the possibilities it brings in regards to game development. This new technology will deliver a sense of presence, where you as the player actually feel like you’re inside the game and your emotions feel that much more real," said Yoshida. "At SCE we view innovation as an opportunity to build on our mission to push the boundaries of play. Project Morpheus is the latest example of innovation from SCE, and we're looking forward to its continued development and the games that will be created as development kits get into the hands of content creators" (Morris).

Sony has been working with game developers with Project Morpheus, due to the playable demos, using the headset, on the show floor at GDC later in the week. Sony said, “The headset features built-in accelerometers and gyroscopes and works in conjunction with the PlayStation Camera to keep the image steady and track user head movements. The unit shows images in 1080p resolution, offers a 90 degree field of view, and boasts a new 3D audio technology that extends the VR effects beyond the visual world.” “The prototype includes a breakout box between the headset and the console which can split the signal onto another display, such as a TV, letting others see what you're seeing and opening up the door for multiplayer gaming” (Morris).

No release date or price was announced; the development partners say the timeline has changed several times in the past year. Anton Mikhailov, Sony senior software engineer, said Project Morpheus will come out ASAP for as cheap as possible (Morris).

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