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Project Montessori strives to fund national Montessori advertising

Support national Montessori advertising campaigns
Support national Montessori advertising campaigns
Project Montessori

Helen Keller stated “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”. After decades of individual Montessori schools trying to stretch meager budgets to market and advertise to local parents, a new national cooperative advertising approach has been created, Project Montessori. The brainchild of Montessori Madness! A Parent to Parent Argument for Montessori Education author, Trevor Eissler, Project Montessori has but one purpose and that is to raise awareness of Montessori education by helping to initiate, sustain, and complete advertising projects by all supporters working together as a community.

Trevor Eissler, a Montessori parent turned author and advocate for Montessori education has been touring the country speaking to groups of parents, teachers and administrators about the amazing benefits of Montessori education. Along the way, he discovered that Montessori does not have one loud voice promoting, educating or moving it into the mainstream conversation about education , but rather thousands of small individual voices trying their best, but not being heard on a national level. In order to produce the necessary one loud voice, Mr. Eissler created Project Montessori, a website that offers a place to organize the collective advertising efforts and leverage the buying power of over 4,000 Montessori schools and thousands of parent supporters. The overall goal is one of unity, cooperation and teamwork; all Montessorians working together to get the word out to all prospective parents and entice them to visit a school and observe a class.

How does Project Montessori work?

The Project Montessori website lists current Montessori media advertising projects called campaigns that need funding. Supporters click on which campaigns they would like to support and pledge any dollar amount. Once the campaign is fully funded, your pledge will be accepted and the project will be launched. If a campaign does not get fully funded, your pledge will never to be charged to you. Funding status of each project is always available on the Project Montessori website and you may move your pledged money between campaigns as you wish.

Current campaigns include a Montessori Super Bowl television commercial, New York Times and USA Today print ads and a year-long underwriting package promotion on National Public Radio. Project Montessori will consider campaign proposals from all schools and individuals who are looking to promote the general method of Montessori education through print, radio, internet, television or events. Mr. Eissler is currently requesting project ideas for Chicago area Montessori advertising campaigns.

A call for “Montessori Moments”

Trevor Eissler has coined the term, “Montessori Moments” as a way to explain “those Aha! moments when you've seen the power, beauty, and effectiveness of the Montessori Method.” In addition to requesting support for advertising campaigns on Project Montessori, each member of the worldwide Montessori community is being asked to record and share a personal Montessori Moment on the site. Each individual moment is just one personal story; but as a group, the collection of moments has a large impact and loud voice.

Mr. Eissler explains that “Montessori Moments” will be an integral part of the Project Montessori collective advertising strategy. “These moments are the ones we are trying to offer to prospective parents through their observations of the classroom. If we can attract them into the classroom through advertising, we can give them the chance to experience their own Montessori Moment. “

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