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Project Montessori launches National Public Radio Chicago campaign

Funding support for Montessori advertising campaign in Chicago sought
Funding support for Montessori advertising campaign in Chicago sought
National Public Radio

A new concept in cooperative advertisement and promotion of Montessori education is taking shape in Chicago. Project Montessori, the on-line community website developed by Trevor Eissler, author of Montessori Madness! and Bobby George, creator of Montessorium iPhone and iPad apps, has launched a new campaign to promote all Chicago area Montessori schools on the Chicago NPR radio station, WBEZ.

Project Montessori does not sell Montessori books or materials, train Montessori teachers or educate Montessori children, but rather it is a community gathering point for anyone who supports Montessori education. The abstract idea of marketing to and educating new families about the benefits of a Montessori education begins with the concrete actions Project Montessori is striving to achieve: launching advertising projects, raising funds and brainstorming ideas.

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In the Chicago area, the National Public radio station, WBEZ reaches over a half million listeners daily. The Project Montessori Chicago campaign has a goal to fund a year-long underwriting package promoting Montessori education to WBEZ listeners through multiple 15-second time advertising spots. The campaign will promote Montessori education in general and intrigue listeners enough to search for their local Montessori school.

How will the Chicago campaign be funded?

Project Montessori is completely funded through private contributions by supporters of Montessori education: school owners, administrators, teachers, parents, alumni, material manufacturers, training centers and business owners. All organizations associated with Montessori education will benefit from mass media advertising and promotion. As a grassroots organization, Project Montessori does not collect dues or have membership. The Chicago NPR campaign requires a total donation of $20,000 in order for it to be fully funded and become a reality. Contributions in any amount are accepted, may be made anonymously and will only be charged if the campaign becomes fully funded.

Click here to make a contribution to the Chicago Montessori NPR campaign.

What will the 15-second time slot say?

Project Montessori is looking to the Chicago Montessori community for ideas on the wording for the copy for the 15-second advertising spots. WBEZ’s guidelines must be adhered to and are listed on the Chicago NPR campaign discussion page; however some recent ideas offered by Project Montessori include:

“WBEZ is supported by Project Montessori, which in turn supports the growth of Montessori schools in the Chicago area. Montessori education is for every child.”

“WBEZ is supported by Project Montessori. Montessori education: no tests, no homework, no grades, just learning, just experiencing, just living.”

“WBEZ is supported by Project Montessori. There are dozens of Montessori schools in the Chicago area. Montessori education: Time to breathe; room to grow.”

Click here to offer your ideas on the 15-second Montessori education advertising copy.

The Chicago NPR campaign is one of the first for Project Montessori and has the potential to become the template for successful campaigns nationwide with the support of the entire Chicago Montessori community. Contact Trevor Eissler or Bobby George at Project Montessori to offer assistance and support in making Chicago a leader in promoting Montessori education.

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