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Project Mom : State of the World's Mothers

As we reflect today on the International Day of Women let your home school kids study in 2014 the impact of mothers worldwide. Recently I became a double mom. I have now two kids. My baby is developing. Many families can study the impact moms have in the home and the conditions of the lives of their babies. You can work on Project Mom and let your kids know how other moms and babies live around the world. You can also get books from the Wilkes Public Library so that they can learn geography in the process.

You can check out the report on moms at : You can read the report on the state of conditions for some moms around the world and their babies. Check out the report at : . Get the index and study how moms are impacted worldwide .

Get the index as a educational resource: Use this index to build your project and go study these countries mentioned around the world.

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