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Project Juice: Cold pressed organic juices delivered at your door

Project Juice: Cold pressed juices delivered at your door
Project Juice: Cold pressed juices delivered at your door
Project Juice

We are delighted to introduce Project Juice®. It is a locally based company founded in 2012 with a mission to bring you the best organic, raw, cold-pressed juices.

Project Juice has also adopted sustainable practices and supports local farmers.

Founded by Rachel and Greg Malsin, and Devon Briger, Project Juice began as a desire to address the gap in the local market for organic, cold-pressed juices.
Most of their produce are selected from local farms, and they only use organic ingredients.
The reason behind their success is the purity of their juice combined with a cold-pressed method. It ensures that each beverage contains up to 5x the amount of vitamins and minerals than those made using a typical juicer.
Cold-pressed is a gentle extraction process that minimizes the amount of heat and oxygen that the juice is exposed to, in turn maximizing shelf life and nutritional density.
Each juice can nourish your body instantly with approximately 3-4 pounds of raw, organic produce, all in one 14.75 oz. serving.

Project Juice not only provides a colorful and healthy array of juices, it also aims at cleansing and detoxifying your body. You will flush out toxins and boost your immune system naturally.

To top it off you can either pick up the juices yourself or have them delivered at your door.

Project juice is planning to expand with shops in Polk Street in San Francisco and Palo Alto.

The company has big plans for their delicious juices.
In 5 years we see Project Juice as a key part in a broader, innovative health-focused business, a ‘Project Health’ if you will. We envision Project Juice as a national player in the overall health and wellness movement, offering cold-pressed juices, nut mylks, smoothies, and other innovative foods and beverages,” states Greg Malsin.

Some of our favorites are: D-Tox, Almond Mylk, Dr. Green Plus, #getyourgreens, The Master and Immunity.

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