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Project Christine from Razer

Concept Project: Christine, a fully and friendly modular PC.
Concept Project: Christine, a fully and friendly modular PC.

PC Gaming is something that is easily over looked with talk of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. PC gaming is constantly changing and is the bleeding edge of gaming, unfortunately it usually requires upgrades to the computer after a year or two in most cases. When you want to swap out a graphics card or a sound card on your computer, it can feel a bit like cracking open a panel on the side of the international space station and having to replace circuit boards. While anyone who has built a PC will tell you that it’s not that difficult (and the space suit is optional), but if you've never done it before it can feel like a task that is too large to overcome.

Project Christine is a design with such forward thinking and such simplicity that it could change the way building computers has been done for all these years. A fully modular PC is an idea that sounds like it could be the best thing since sliced bread. With Project Christine it will be just as easy as unplugging a cable from the back of your computer and plugging in a new one, except in this case.

At this point it is simply a concept project, so this design may not ever come into play, however with the reception it’s received at its announcement at CES 2014 it’s hard to believe that Razer will not follow through with it.

The stylish Project Christine, while it will be marketed for gamers, it offers the ability for anyone wanting a fast and efficient pc and easy way to upgrade their computers an exceptionally easy way to do so. From editing videos and picture to typing up an exam paper or watching YouTube, the PC is not limited to gaming only. It’s a concept that could be implemented to businesses and removing the expensive and time consuming hassle of paying an IT person to go and install upgrades to each machine.

The limitations of such a design, if done properly, can be no more limiting than a standard desktop computer, and because of this could be simply be the future of performance desktops.

You can sign up for updates on Razer’s website and take a closer look into what Project Christine is here.