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Project Chasers


This is a fast moving game that allows you to start the action quickly. Multiple players with fast characters with skills from the RPG genre. There are short sessions for super busy folks to enjoy.

They started developing chasers with a unique game play in mind, in that way chasers is different because its main reason of developing is to bring something new and fun, not just entertaining.

After the planned the goals of the gameplay, they have simply looked for funnier ways to play a game. They have examined many aspects that are the key of enjoyment in a multiplayer game, first of all there is the core of chasers which is speed versus skills, those together create new challenges that combines the tactical decisions in strategy RPG and the intuition needed for Fast arcade games.

Perks include beta access on android, Your name in the credits, mouse pads, T-shirts, In-game credits, character cards, talks with the team, and more

You can get your game and perks here