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'Project Beast' leaked details hint at latest 'Souls' game

'Project Beast' leaked screens-slide0
AllGamesBeta, FromSoftware

Screens and title shots leaked from AllGamesBeta earlier today (May 2) seem to point towards the latest spiritual "Demon's Souls" and "Dark Souls" successor. Rumored to be a PS4 exclusive developed by FromSoftware and headed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, "Project Beast"'s leaks are formatted and titled in the same style as its potential predecessor "Dark Souls" was when the game was revealed firstly as "Project Dark".

Makes me glad I have a PS4 for once.
AllGamesBeta, FromSoftware

After skimming through the images, it seems likely that we're looking at "Beast Souls"."Dark Souls II" has only just released to much critical praise, but also a tinge of disappointment from long time "Souls" fans and many attribute this to Miyazaki's (the original creator of the "Souls" series) absence. Will "Project Beast" be the spiritual sequel to reinvigorate the series?

NeoGaf and /v/ also caught on, leading to even more speculation as trusted forum users began backing up the theory with revealing posts. It seems only a matter of time before the world is introduced to "Beast Souls" as most of these screens (especially the one with the FromSoftware logo) are in all likelihood captured from a reveal trailer. E3's just around the corner, after all.