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'Project Airport' shows patients how to navigate airport in a wheelchair

Newly disabled travelers often fear the idea of navigating the airport and traveling after an injury.  It's unquestionably overwhelming for everyone, let alone newly injured patients.  Many people choose to simply forgo the idea and travel by car.  Continental Airlines hopes to change that. 

Thanks to Bill Burnell, manager of customer first programs at Continental in Houston, groups of new patients from regional hospitals with spinal cord injuries get to try out the air travel process with suggestions and guidance from the pros.

Patients are brought to the airport and taught the best ways to check in, move through security and navigate its lines, as well as board the plane and stow their wheelchair.

Continental Airlines has hosted Project Airport in Cleveland and Houston and has had a plethora of positive feedback from employees and customers alike. 

Many other hub airports have already expressed interest in Project Airport, as well as several other airlines.  Look for this program to be implemented in a city near you very soon now that Continental has merged with United; on the list is Denver Airport in conjunction with Craig Hospital.  


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