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Progressives try to take away your right to vote for MN judges, again Part 1

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Recently, a coalition of Minnesota Democrat and Republican Progressives who seek to take away your right to vote for Minnesota Judges, imploded. The name of this plan to take away your right to vote for judges as prescribed by the Minnesota Constitution is “Merit Selection Retention Elections” [“MSRE” (pronounced “misery”)]. (Though you may not live in Minnesota, this article will likely be of interest to all Americans, as this particular Progressive agenda item is being pressed upon several states.)The Minneapolis Star and Sickle provided the official major media spin in this article:

Political divide emerges on plan to overhaul Minnesota judicial elections

From this writer’s perspective, this article appears to be almost purely propaganda. Propaganda aimed at advancing one of Progressivism’s goals; that Progressive goal being to establish a government run by “Educated Elites”. Minnesota Progressives propose that some mysterious group of Educated Elites would create a list of judicial candidates and the governor would choose judges from amongst those on that list.

In accordance with Natural Law that our country was founded upon, this writer will endeavor to let you establish the truth for yourself; entrusting you to use your own observations and reasoning to determine the truth. This as opposed to the Progressive tactic of managing and manipulating you into accepting the government’s version of the truth by presenting it to you as news through major media outlets such as the Minneapolis Star and Sickle. (Propaganda)

It is important to note there are two different groups who seek to reform the Minnesota Judiciary. The first group was founded in the early 2000s and is composed of true grassroots Judicial TAR (Transparency, Accountability and Reform) reformers. The second group is composed of Progressive Educated Elite usurpers of the original grassroots Judicial TAR movement. The latter group is known as the “Coalition for Impartial Justice” and advocates MSRE. True, grassroots Judicial TAR groups tend to be dominated by rank and file Americans. Groups supporting MSRE tend to be dominated, led and supported by Judges and Lawyers.

"Tyranny is always better organized than freedom."

Charles Peguy

[“Judicial TAR” is literary license this writer takes to avoid having to name hundreds of individuals and dozens of organizations who were working, often independently, sometimes cooperatively at the grassroots level to curb judicial corruption and cause our judicial system to be more fair, equitable and just.]

What are Merit Selection Retention Elections (MSRE)?

MSRE is premised on the position that current Minnesota Judiciary is not corrupt (as alleged by the mysteriously originated Quie Commission) Further, MSRE proponents argue that Minnesota Citizens don’t make informed voting choices by researching judicial candidates and shouldn’t be allowed to vote as prescribed and mandated by the Minnesota Constitution. Further, MRSE is premised on the fact that most incumbent Minnesota judges run unopposed and almost always get reelected. Therefore, MRSE proponents argue, Minnesota incumbent Judges must be doing a good job because no one run runs against them and they almost always win reelection.

Progressive MSRE proponents then go on to say that a group of “Educated Elites” will select a slate of candidates for open judicial seats. (Progressivism prescribes their Educated Elites come from the wealthy leisure class that has the time to study “governance”) And the governor will then choose from amongst those on the list. Thereafter, elections for judge would be a “Thumbs up” or “Thumbs down” vote by Minnesota Citizens. All of this is premised on two assertions: 1) the assertion that Minnesota Courts are not already corrupt and, 2) the Progressive Premise that elected officials are by nature, altruistic and therefore, the Educated Elites will act in the best interests of society.

The group promoting MSRE calls itself “Coalition for Impartial Justice” and former Progressive Republican Governor Al Quie (of the Quie Commission) serves on its board.

MRSE was precipitated itself by the assertion that recent US Supreme court rulings allowing Judges to accept campaign contributions and political party endorsements will cause the allegedly now-pristine Minnesota Courts to become corrupted by money and politics.


It is this writer’s personal opinion that all of the fore-mentioned premises and representations are false or faulty. However, this author advises you as no politician or judge would dare. Please exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust. And then only after could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective

This writer believes that the rational and inner workings of the proposed Progressive MSRE are deliberately convoluted and opaquely duplicitous. For this reason, this writer will break down his analysis into two different scopes of observation.

  1. The FOREST Perspective, and;
  2. The TREE Perspective.

The FOREST Perspective will allow the overworked, and/or time constrained and/or less interested reader to skim the TREES for information to answer those 6 points of the FOREST Perspective.

The TREE perspective is for TRUE PATRIOTS who are concerned about their children’s future and are willing to exercise the due diligence our founder’s warned was necessary to maintain our liberty. TRUE PATRIOTS also being those who want to engage in critical thinking and will use these details to further the restoration of our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the process of taking our country back from the one and only one corrupt, plutocratic ruling class.


Simply, because our civil and criminal justice system is so complex, you must have experience with it to have knowledge to criticize it. And those who have had what they consider negative outcomes represent the vast majority of the true, grassroots critics of the system.

The logic of the allies of the current judiciary is as follows: “In order to be qualified to criticize the system you must have experience with it, but if you criticizing the system based on experience as a litigant, you are disqualified from criticizing the system because you are only criticizing the system because you were not happy with the results you experienced in the system. Ergo, Criticism’s of the system by actual litigants are to be disregarded because actual litigants are biased. The logic continues that since lawyers and judges have experience with the system not biased by being litigants, WE THE PEOPLE must accept their representations that the Minnesota Courts are not corrupt.

The average reader has most likely encountered this in the form of: “All convicts claim they are innocent (but we know they are guilty).” However, as we all know, some convicts who have proclaimed their innocence were actually found to be innocent. Judges and Lawyers just ignore this reality when detracting from the testimony of true, grassroots judicial TAR reformers.



While you read this article, this writer would respectfully ask you to consider the following FOREST view points:

  1. Does the proposed MSRE address the true problems with the current Minnesota Judiciary?;
  2. Does more or less transparency and accountability tend to suppress government and judicial corruption?;
  3. Does the proposed MSRE create more or less transparency and accountability for the Minnesota Judiciary?;
  4. Did the above referenced Minneapolis Star and Tribune Article omit certain material facts you feel are necessary for you to reach an informed conclusion on your own?;
  5. Have Minnesota politicians and judges been open and honest in their representations as to the premises for, and their goals in, taking away your right to vote for Minnesota Judges in full, fair and free elections?;
  6. Did any of the fore-mentioned parties disclose to you, the reader, that taking away our right to vote for Minnesota Judges in full, fair and free elections is just one of many stepping stones along the way to the Progressive goal of replacing the US Constitution and its underlying Natural Law with a Progressive Constitution? ? If not, why not?

At the end of this article, this writer will provide his positions on these 6 FOREST level questions.



This writer will provide the reader with facts and observations necessary to establish the truth for themselves using their own reasoning. Unlike the Progressive Educated Elites, this writer believes masses can be trusted with determining their own truth & participating in their own governance.

At this TREE Level, this writer will point out omissions of material fact, identify false premises and circular logic, and reveal of underlying thought process of Progressives which will further allow individuals to determine truth for themselves.

Here is a list of the TREES we shall examine in assessing the proposed Merit Selection Retention Elections (MSRE) for Minnesota Judges:

  1. MSRE False Premise that Minnesota Courts are not corrupt;
  2. MSRE False Premise that Minnesota Courts adhere to the Rule of Law as properly applied to the freely admitted, non-machinated, relevant facts in evidence;
  3. MSRE False Premise that Minnesota Voters choose to be uninformed about judges;
  4. MSRE False Premise that Board of Judicial Standards Provides sufficient protection for Minnesota Citizens from corrupt Minnesota Judges;
  5. MSRE False premise that incumbent judges usually run unopposed because they do a good job and are not corrupt;
  6. Failure of Minnesota Judiciary and Quie Commission to disclose Minnesota Judges can legally accept bribes;
  7. Progressive False Premise that Progressive Educated Elites will act in the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE;
  8. Failure of the Minnesota Judiciary and Quie Commission to disclose that Minnesota Judges unlawfully and unconstitutionally punish persons who try to exercise their First Amendment Right to Petition the Government for Redress of grievances to criticize the Courts;
  9. Failure of Progressives to Disclose that they want to make all the rights of the individual subordinate to the rights of the community;
  10. Failure of Progressives to disclose they want to dismantle and replace the Jeffersonian Constitution based on Natural Law with a Progressive Constitution based on Progressive Governance Doctrine;
  11. Failure of Progressives, the Quie Commission, Progressives and Minneapolis Star and Sickle to disclose that the article, advanced as being news, is actually propaganda to advance the Progressive Agenda to take away Minnesota Citizen’s Right to vote for judges in full, fair and free elections. Are there no resolute Muckrakers left?

While the writer encourages you to actively “establish truth for yourself”, he will use the facts and observations produced in his examination of the trees to reveal his own thought process in this article’s conclusion.


This writer’s regular readers are aware of his Judicial TAR (Transparency, Accountability and Reform) efforts over the past 20+ years. This writer believes that a quick summary of this writer’s experiences in historical order will quickly establish his credibility, provide the historical nature of certain observations and make the material more relatable to the reader.

In the early 1990’s this writer encountered corruption in this country’s civil and criminal court system. Based upon his perception that one major party was aiding and abetting this corruption, this writer switched political parties. Banker’s attempted to tamper with this witness to their crime of wrongfully repossessing vehicles from 150 to 200 innocent Minnesota families. Eventually the criminal tampering escalated to death threat consequences if this writer were to testify and/or entered the smoking gun evidence in his hands into the official court record. This death threat was sanctioned by our government. You can contact the FBI, former Progressive US Attorney David Lillehaug and Progressive Jeff Blodgett, former Chief of Staff of a now deceased US Senator for confirmation of my allegations. (If they try to talk smack, remind them of the irrefutable, smoking gun evidence is in the FBI’s possession. “DO NOT MAIL”)

This incident initiated this writer’s desire to work toward Judicial Reform in the State of Minnesota. This writer’s early efforts to force Judicial TAR were unsuccessful.

As an aside, each of us rank and file citizens (WE THE PEOPLE) are handicapped with the indoctrination of how our country is supposed to work, and usually works, learned in high school history and civics. Next we are further handicapped by being indoctrinated with a moral compass based on absolute right and wrong. Through this writer’s experiences in seeking Judicial TAR, he has learned that our government is more usually corrupt than not, and further, that our government practices a morality of “Plausible Deniability”. That is to say, our politicians, judges and government bureaucrats believe, “if you can’t prove it, they didn’t do it”. This is how our government prepares the rank and file of the masses to be sheep (Sheople) for the slaughter.

With these handicaps, this writer proceeded in earnest to right this injustice, believing that his elected officials would spring into action upon hearing of this gross injustice. Such was not the case. At that time, elected officials and the government bureaucrats were just not interested in any form of Judicial TAR.

Still not dissuaded from seeking justice, this writer attempted to fight past his resultant despair and depression to find other citizens to form a group that could not be ignored. In the early 1990s, the Internet was in its very early infancy. Without the internet, there was no resource efficient way (time/money) to find other citizens who had experienced corruption of the US Courts and Justice System. And, so this writer reluctantly resigned himself to hoping the co-conspirators would forget about him.

The bankers and their government co-conspirators never forgot. The punishments and reprisals for just trying to seek justice for these 150-200 innocent families were almost unrelenting. This writer distanced himself from college friends, and chose not to get married so others would not suffer nor could they be used as instruments of retaliation to silence this writer. In the end, this real life experience with big bank and plutocrat corruption shattered this writer’s perception of reality rooted in high school history and civics classes.

In 1998, the stress that this writer endured from these circumstances overwhelmed his health. This writer spent nearly 3 weeks on life support & more than two months in the hospital. Despite this, this writer picked up the pieces and moved forward with his life, hoping the banker’s and their government co-conspirators would forget about him. They never would.

With the internet becoming more commonplace in the early 21st Century, this writer was better able find other citizens who had suffered injustices by the Minnesota Court System. The internet allowed those of us seeking Judicial TAR to compare observations and formulate a direction to confront the corruption of the Minnesota Judiciary.

A common belief of the true, grassroots Judicial TAR Patriots was that the methods and vehicles for government transparency and accountability had been compromised and/or extinguished. These Judicial TAR Patriots believed that reform was necessary to restore the transparency and accountability of the Minnesota Judiciary.

“The fundamental understanding our US Founding Fathers had in drafting our constitution, is People under Natural Law have free will, and are not virtuous by nature. Therefore, governments must be constructed in anticipation of the nature of man. Acting on this knowledge, our Founding Fathers built into our Government and Constitution, various checks and balances.

Amongst these checks and balances were transparency and accountability. All of our problems today emanate from the slow, persistent rolling back of the checks and balances, transparency and accountability our Founding Fathers built into our Government and Constitution”

First Principles

At about the same time, some mysterious non-government group was throwing together a non-government organization that came to be known as the Quie Commission. It was named after former Progressive Republican Governor Al Quie. No one has demonstrated where the Quie Commission gets its authority.

From 2005 to present, during every Minnesota Legislative Session, this writer and a coalition of hundreds of Minnesotan’s asked, and then demanded, a hearing to give evidence and testimony of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary before the Minnesota House and Senate Judiciary Committees. You understood correctly, for 9 legislative sessions from 2005 to 2013, the Minnesota Legislature refused to let a coalition of hundreds of Minnesotan’s exercise their Natural Law Right to, as reduced to writing in the First Amendment, “Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances without fear of punishment and reprisal”.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Legislature allowed, aided and abetted the Progressive Plutocrats in moving various elements of MSRE through the Minnesota Legislature. And they used a myriad of shenanigans to prevent and/or minimize adverse public testimony.

What follows is a series of strategies your government uses to advance proposals that it knows or believes will meet public opposition and prevent said opposition from getting its testimony and evidence into the official record from 2005 to present. This writer asks the reader to consider for themselves, “Is this the government the Founder’s envisioned in penning the Constitution?”

Your elected officials at first pretended to listen, then stopped listening to citizens and groups pressing for true, grassroots Judicial TAR. Soon, our elected officials would no longer accept our phone calls and insisted we could only talk to their assistants and/or the assistants of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. At the same time, they did not inform Judicial TAR folks of hearings to press the MSRE agenda.

If members of the true, grassroots Judicial TAR coalition discovered hearings, your elected officials would cancel them, move them and/or not allow public testimony. (There are only so many times they can let the meetings run long and then leave no time or only 5 minutes for public input before you realize your government’s strategy to keep public input off the official record.) On more than one occasion, Minnesotans traveled from the far corners of Minnesota only to be denied an opportunity to testify against MSRE proposals and/or of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary. When Judicial TAR folks started showing up at MSRE related legislative hearings of the Minnesota House and Senate Judiciary Committees, your government used the tactic of having other less obvious committees hear portions of the MSRE agenda(often on the flimsiest of alleged reasons for jurisdiction).

As this writer has previously pointed out, the Judicial TAR coalition was composed of independent grassroots persons and independent grassroots groups. And, as would be expected, each had different personalities and temperaments which resulted in different strategies for pressing true, grassroots Judicial TAR.

One Judicial TAR group asked for appointments to video tape Minnesota Senators and Representatives giving their explanation of why the Minnesota House and Senate Judiciary Committees would not provide a hearing for Minnesota Citizens to give evidence and testimony of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary. When word of this got out, your government representatives refused to take phone calls from any Judicial TAR folks and/or would not agree to provide a written explanation, nor agree to the videotaped appointments.

In 2008 or 2009, motivated patriots from this one particular group pursuing Judicial TAR, determined to confront your elected government officials in the halls of the capital and videotape their responses. Rather than agree to an appointment, or agree to provide a written explanation, your elected officials chose to have Capital Security threaten these patriots with arrest.

Despite the video and sound recording equipment being in full sight and despite the documented history of refusal of your elected officials to represent WE THE PEOPLE, your elected officials displayed their true tyrannical nature to crush free speech and the democratic process. Finally, the head of the state capital security issued the leader of those Judicial TAR folks a “citation” indicating that patriot could not come back to the capital unless they had a documented appointment with a government official.

At the same time, this writer took a course of action more in accordance with the decorum preferred by elected officials. This writer focused on the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee. This writer attempted to speak with and meet with Senator Mee Moua several times and just got the same old run around.

You can read about it here:

True to Character, Minnesota Senate Judiciary Chair Mee Moua (D-67) reneges on commitment to meet

Also in 2009, a group known as the TEA Party became a political movement. This writer became involved in this movement by adding TEA Party to the name of his Judicial TAR group. Later, this writer went on to be a co-founder and co-leader of the Minnesota Statewide TEA Party. As a matter of establishing facts and not for the purpose of bragging, most of this groups best ideas came from this writer. Amongst these: 1) We held a first of its kind Candidate debate with more than fifteen (15) candidates running for one open judicial seat in the Minnesota 10th Judicial District. 2) We held a Group Nominal Process (NGP) event to determine the priorities of the group.

At that NGP event in January of 2011, True, grassroots Judicial TAR and Fiscal Tar (as a subset of reducing government size) ranked as the 1st and 3rd highest priorities of the membership, respectively. [ ] However, unknown to this writer at the time, this writer alleges that fellow State TEA Party co-leader Randy Liebo had been seduced by Former Progressive Republican Governor Al Quie. This writer further alleges that Mr. Liebo sold out true grassroots Judicial TAR TEA Party folks after being star struck by several invitations from Mr. Quie to attend the Political Cocktail Circuit. Thereafter, Mr. Liebo began dancing to Mr. Quie’s Marching orders.

This writer further alleges, that at the direction of the Minnesota Republican Party (MNGOP), Mr. Liebo conspired to nullify Judicial TAR and Fiscal TAR as top priorities of the Minnesota State Wide TEA Party. Defeating the entire purpose of the Nominal Group Process, Mr. Liebo caused the State TEA Party to vote to make the NGP results nonbinding, while ignoring the designated voting allocations (rigged the vote). This writer further alleges that even then, the vote was so narrow, MNGOP ordered Mr. Liebo to hold a secret meeting to kick out all proponents of Judicial TAR and Fiscal TAR and prevent proposed new members who shared those same sentiments of true, grassroots Judicial and Fiscal TAR from gaining membership. Ignoring their own constitution and Roberts Rules of orders, the Minnesota State TEA Party ejected and/or prevented membership of any person who supported true, grassroots Judicial TAR and Fiscal TAR; though Judicial TAR and Fiscal TAR were top priorities established in a full, fair and free Nominal Group Process.

Your Minnesota State TEA Party is now in the hands of Progressive Republicans.

Also in 2009, various Judicial TAR Patriots and groups held an ad hoc hearing on the corruption of the Minnesota Judiciary. Though it was sponsored by a true patriot elected official, it means nothing because it is not part of the official record. When this writer can locate it and post it on the internet, a link to it will be provided here.

This ad hoc Judicial TAR video was necessary because we true grassroots leaders could see this was going to be a long term battle of attrition. The unlawful and unconstitutional reprisals and punishments for exercising our Natural Law, First Amendment Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances was withering. People had and/or were going to give up because of the difficulty in overcoming our government’s duplicitous oppression. Others did or were going to move out of the state to escape the stress, injustice, reprisal and punishment. Others may and/or would die, some because of the very stress the injustice they suffered and/or the stress they encountered in seeking Judicial TAR.

This writer’s own life, business and health have been destroyed by your government for merely exercising his Natural Law Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances without fear of punishment or reprisal, as reduced to writing in the First Amendment. (Yet this writer has never been charged with anything more than a traffic ticket. “No DUIs”)

“Someone that you have deprived of everything is no longer in your power. He is once again entirely free.”

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

In 2005, the Democrats (left half of the one and only one ruling class pretending to be two separate major political parties) controlled both house of the Minnesota Legislature. Republican leaders (right half of the one and only one ruling class pretending to be two major political parties) blamed the inability of true, grassroots Judicial TAR Patriots to get a hearing to give evidence and testimony of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary on the Democrats. Republicans like Warren Limmer, Amy Koch and Kurt Zellers told citizens that the Legislative rules dictate that the majority appoints the Committee chairs and the Committee Chair controls the Committee agenda. Yet, when Republicans gained the majority in both houses from 2010 to 2012, they stoned walled true, grassroots Judicial TAR as vigorously as the Democrats had before.

“There are not 2 major political parties. There is 1 and only 1 ruling class pretending to be 2 political parties. They use various issues to divide/conquer/distract WE THE PEOPLE while they rob us blind.”

Don Mashak

(@DMashak and @WETHEPEOPLETAR on Twitter- various truncations/hashtags removed)

While your Minnesota government was actively preventing evidence and testimony of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary to be put on the official record, the Ad Hoc Quie Commission of mysterious origins declared the Minnesota Courts free of corruption.

Does any of the foregoing sound like the government the Founders intended? Does any of the foregoing sound like the democratic process you heard in high school civics? This writer submits to his fellow citizens that this is the true nature of your Minnesota Government.

This writer puts it to his able minded reader, “Just because the government refuses to let citizens to put their evidence and testimony of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary on the official government record, is that a basis for the government and/or the Quie Commission to declare Minnesota Courts free of corruption and/or abuses of power?”

Minnesota Progressive Proponents of MSRE proponents appear to be using a similar doctrine as Minnesota Courts in establishing truth. That Doctrine being that: “facts not in the official record don’t count”. Further, it does not seem to matter to our government whether those facts were precluded from the official record lawfully or unlawfully, ethically or unethically, constitutionally or unconstitutionally. Regardless of how the official record is compiled, our government seems to feel nothing else matters.

“The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it.”

John Hay (1872)

Armed with your assessment of the facts and observations this writer has presented for you to observe and determine truth for yourself from, “Do you really think Minnesota elected officials and Judges have the best interests of WE THE PEOPLE in mind with this proposal they have put forward to change the way you vote for judges?”

Armed with that same assessment the writer asks, “Do you believe it is legitimate to prevent citizens from providing testimony and evidence of corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary and, then declare that because such evidence and testimony is not in the official record, Minnesota Courts are not corrupt?”

Does it seem ironic that a group that alleges its platform is to prevent the corruption of the Minnesota Judiciary would rely upon denying due process to citizens to put testimony and evidence on the official government record and deny this writer? And further deny due process to advocates of true, grassroots Judicial TAR by having them kicked out of the Minnesota State TEA Party at a secret meeting they were not informed of nor invited to? All in the name of advancing MSRE’s alleged anti-Judicial-Corruption platform? Why is it necessary to use injustice to allegedly bring Minnesotans a just court system?

This writer calls upon former Governor Al Quie, of the Quie Commission, to provide the basis for its authority, a legitimate explanation for how hundreds of Minnesotans were denied a hearing to give evidence and testimony of judicial corruption before the Minnesota House and Senate Committees for coming on 9 years now? Further, why did Progressive Republican Al Quie fail to seek out testimony from those who alleged corruption in the Minnesota Judiciary before his Quie Commission issued its “No Corruption” finding?

Armed with your assessment of the facts and observations this writer has presented for you to observe and determine truth for yourself from, “Do you believe Minnesota Courts to corrupt and regular abusers of their power or do you agree with the Quie Commissions assertions that Minnesota Courts are not corrupt and don’t abuse their power?”

Armed with your assessment of the facts and observations this writer has presented for you to observe and determine truth for yourself from, “Are many of the premises of and much of the reasoning of Proponents for MSRE flawed?”

Armed with your opinion of the facts and observations this writer has presented for you to observe and determine truth for yourself from, “Do you really want your right to vote for judges in full, fair and free elections taken away from you?”

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty”

Thomas Jefferson

This writer has purposely left out the names of many true, grass roots Judicial TAR Patriots and groups to allow them to risk or escape retaliation for their political dissent by our government as they so choose. [It has taken 5 days to write to this point because my mind and body resist reliving the hell our government and others who trade our liberty for their personal gain, have put me through]



We must begin with the assessment that to most rank and file citizens, our civil and criminal legal system and its code of rules and case law is just to complex and convoluted to understand without years of training. This writer asserts that complexity and convolution is deliberate and not necessary. But for now, let us agree that the nature of America’s civil and criminal legal system causes rank and file Americans to look upon it as a “black box”. Black box meaning something goes in one end and comes out the other, but we really don’t understand how that happens. Again, this writer asserts this complexity on convolution to be by design and not of necessity.

The purpose and/or the effect of this design is to make the average rank and file citizen reliant upon experts whenever they encounter the legal system; Those experts being lawyers.


Because average rank and file Americans don’t understand the black box of justice, they must rely upon their lawyer/attorney to explain the system and the workings of the black box. Because of the indoctrination rank and file Americans get in high school civics as to “democratic process” and “absolute right and wrong morality”, most rank and file Americans are predisposed to believe their lawyer is working in their best interests. Add to that your fanciful memories of how lawyers are supposed to act, inflicted on you by major media and Hollywood. Now add to that impressive “Cannons of Ethics” and “Codes of Conduct” to seduce you into believing in the outcome of the Judicial Black Box. And finally, the average citizens understanding of contracts and the implied loyalty to said citizen by payment to their lawyer, causes most rank and file Americans to implicitly trust their lawyer.

But what if your relationship with your lawyer is not like that you envision? (If you never have a real life experience with a lawyer/attorney, you don’t ever really know what lawyers are really like.)

Please hold that thought….

This writer will post the link to Part 2 of this series here in a few days.

Those were my thoughts.

In Closing:

Thank you, my fellow citizens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here.

If what is written here rings true to you, perhaps you should contact your local elected officials and let them know. If you are afraid of repercussions, snail mail it anonymously and ask them to respond in the local paper or their own monthly/quarterly internet newsletter. Even if this article refers to something outside you geographic area, it still likely applies to your location. Remember all those taxpayer training junkets we taxpayers send the bureaucrats on? They all learn the same “livestock management” techniques to use on WE THE PEOPLE.

And that leaves WE THE PEOPLE with this conundrum: While our #Government works full time with compensation and funded with our money for the cause of #Tyranny; WE THE PEOPLE are forced to work part time without compensation for the cause of #liberty with what is left over of our time, money and energy.

Finally, this article is written with the same intentions as Thomas Paine I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the American People find their own way using their own “Common Sense”

Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

In Liberty, Don Mashak
The Cynical Patriot
Don Mashak Google Plus


End the Fed(eral Reserve Bank System) #ETF
National Minneapolis

Bring Home the Politicians #BHTP

Lawless America #LawlessAmerica

Term Limits #TermLimit

Justice in Minnesota #JIM

Critical Thinking Notice - This author advises you as no politician would dare. Exercise Critical Thinking ( in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. Do not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective



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