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Progressives: Still on the playground in their minds

One of the biggest problems facing America today is the immature progressive mindset.
One of the biggest problems facing America today is the immature progressive mindset.
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Political debate in America has always been vigorous, spirited and fraught with insults and personal attacks. As far back as 1796, during the nation’s third presidential campaign, nasty slurs and baseless allegations were slung about by both candidates, their advocates and detractors, and the press. This was the first presidential election that pitted two opposing political parties against one another. The race was between Thomas Jefferson, running as a Democrat-Republican, (which would later become simply Republican) and Vice President John Adams, running as a Federalist.

America, even in its infancy was not immune to the race card in politics. Jefferson was accused of having sex with his female slaves, which turned out to be true, by Alexander Hamilton, writing under the pseudonym Phocion, in the Gazette of the United States, a federalist newspaper. Hamilton also warned Americans that if elected, Jefferson would emancipate all slaves. Not only was racism a big part of politics in early America, so was political bias in the media. The nation was clearly divided at that time. The revolution was not popular with all colonists. Many were still loyal to the Crown. There were sharp differences of opinion over any number of domestic issues.

The following century gave us the Civil War, more than 700,000 casualties resulted, and America stayed bitterly divided for years afterwards. It is not a stretch to say that in some places in America, that wound has left a scar that will not fully heal.

Any number of issues had Americans split during the 20th century. Vietnam and the Civil Rights movement lead to nationwide protests and one of the most socially tumultuous, violent times this country has ever witnessed. This is the point where we will start looking at progressives, who they are, what they claim to stand for, and the reality of where allowing their ideology to prevail will actually lead, and it isn’t to a grand utopia where we all live in peace, love and harmony.

Progressives are hypocrites, yes, but beyond that there is a level of willful, stubborn immaturity that is astonishing on an astronomical level. This, many people fear, is leading to a point where we as a nation may be coming to an impasse. Where a small minority is using the power of government, not to serve the people, but to rule over us, and to impose their will and belief system upon a majority who are growing increasingly tired of it. Where they no longer have faith in the political system to hear their voices. They understand mudslinging in politics is one thing, but attempting to vilify your fellow Americans by labeling good people as racists and worse in order to be able to impose your will on them is something else.

The first thing you have to do when attempting to have an open, honest, adult debate with a progressive is realize it is impossible. You may as well go hunt unicorns. Better yet, just repeatedly bang your head against a brick wall and hope it collapses before you bash your skull in. You have to understand that you are debating a child. A child that still believes in magic, and that just by wishing for a thing you can make it so. A child that will not hear the word “no” and will have an absolute conniption fit (that’s a tantrum to those of you intellectual types). A child that does not see things or react to situations based how they truly are, but how they wish they were and want them to be. Progressives are, by their very nature, still on the playground in their minds, despite their level of education.

You must also realize there are two different types of progressives. You have the leaders of the movement, the people who hold the power and call the shots, who know exactly what they’re doing, and the lemmings who just following along blindly, parroting the words of their puppet masters, who are so willfully ignorant of the truth that they can’t even recognize it when you slap them upside the head with it. Those who never bother to investigate anything for themselves. They only read and watch progressive media, and automatically believe any news from any other source is fabricated. Their masters have taught them well. They may hold PhD’s and be otherwise extremely intelligent people, but when it comes to issues of liberty they were not taught how to think, they were taught what to think. In many cases they have been taught straight from the Saul Alinsky handbook, “Rules for Radicals.”

During the late 60’s and early 70’s it was progressives who were anti-government. They told us we couldn’t trust anyone over the age of 30 and the power should be returned to the people. It was the age of free love, and a time to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. But at the same time they realized that protests, bombs, and violence were less effective than infiltrating government and changing America from within. They had to blend in, sound reasonable, disguise their true goal of “fundamentally transforming” America, and take us slowly but steadily down the road towards their vision of a socialist utopia.

Somewhere along the way those long-haired, righteous, hippy peaceniks and their female counterparts, with flowers in their hair and a yearning for freedom in their hearts, forgot what the struggle was about, and they became the progressives of today (do not take this to mean there is anything wrong with men with long hair or women who wear flowers in their hair, only with the progressive ideology). Their once noble dream of a more free, more tolerant America has been warped and twisted into an Orwellian nightmare that has many Americans extremely worried about the future of the nation, and their way of life.

These formerly anti-government radicals now want to use the force and power of government to coerce you into adopting their beliefs. They are smarter than you. If you would only see things their way the world would be a better place. Never mind that the utopian dream they dream can never be realized. Never mind that it has been tried in many places and always failed miserably. This new generation of progressives are the ones who are smart enough to make it work. The chosen ones. The only people who ever were or ever will be at this perfect point in history to finally make it happen. They are determined to make this dream come true though the unchallengable government. Through legislation. Through social justice. Through “income equality” by “spreading the wealth.” Ultimately, if left unchecked, speaking truth about many issues will someday be a criminal act. "If you want your government check this month and to sleep in your own bed you will do as you’re told! Otherwise we’ll send out the goon squad to haul you in for diversity training!" We’re not there yet, but you better believe we are on our way.

You want evidence that we are already on the downhill side of that slope? Hate crime legislation heaps additional punishment on a person simply for their thoughts and/or words. The very term “hate crime” brings to mind Orwell’s term “thoughtcrime” in the novel “1984.” If someone murders, or harms another human being and is found guilty beyond doubt, then that person deserves harsh punishment, but adding a few years because they killed or assaulted over race or sexual orientation accomplishes nothing, except to push hate into the shadows, to force it underground. By letting racist and other unpopular views to spoken publicly we expose those who espouse them. We know where the threat lies. This is another example of common sense facts that seem to be beyond the comprehension of the minds of many progressives who purport to be intellectual giants.

When we expose their absurdity, they are seemingly unfazed on the surface. But there is a burning rage deep inside that comes from knowing people see who for who you truly are despite your best efforts to disguise yourself. How can those uneducated, unwashed, teabagger, hillbillies see through their mask? They must be listening to Rush Limbaugh or watching Fox News. It never occurs to them that even though we didn’t graduate from Harvard, or Yale, or the Columbia School of Journalism that we might be smart enough to do our own research. To think for ourselves. To know a liar and a con artist when we see one.

Think back to your days in grammar school. We all remember looking forward to recess and heading out to the playground. We all had a blast on the swings, and the slides, and the monkey bars, and running around with our friends pretending as we played silly little children’s games. There were also all the little separate cliques. And bullies. And there was always this one group of do-gooders. This group provides the perfect metaphor for progressives.

They weren’t really interested so much in doing good as they were feeling important and stirring up drama. The purpose of stirring up drama was to then pretend to be the one who was victimized, or so they could play the hero, and reap the praise and accolades of the teachers for doing the right thing. This is one of the progressives’ favorite tricks. False debate. Faux drama.

Examples? Recently we have seen the debate over the alleged pay gap between men and women. Progressives came up with this completely bogus argument as a way to detract from issues we should be focused on, and to divide us.

While it cannot be denied that when compared side to side, men on average make more money than women. But there are several factors that play into that. It is not a simple case of Republicans hate women as progressives would have you believe. Proof of that is the fact that the White House pays women staffers on average .88 cents for every dollar they pay male staffers. When confronted with this fact the White House defended themselves by disputing the very same study they used to show the aforementioned claim of GOP misogyny in the workplace.

This is much like a group of kids on the playground teasing other children by telling them that the boys on the monkey bars said girls aren’t allowed on the money bars. So the girls, believing this but never verifying it for themselves, run to tell all the other kids and then to the teacher to tattle on the boys, who are actually innocent. The teacher, seeing there are no girls on the monkey bars at the time believes it, so she makes the boys leave the monkey bars and puts them in time out. Then the first group who started all the trouble has the monkey bars all to themselves, which is what they really wanted in the first place.

They never wanted to play nice and get along together on the monkey bars (bipartisanship, anybody?), even though that was their claim. No, they wanted to create a situation where they came out on top and had a chance to play the hero, thereby gaining new friends because they fought for their rights. But they also want to see the kids they don’t like because they are” too popular,” or their parents have “too much money,” get punished.

Take for instance the debate over oil drilling, and consider the climate change debate, along with the debate over income inequality and the evils of capitalism. They all tie together nicely. Progressives expose themselves by seeing each issue as isolated from other issues, and it is then impossible to escape hypocrisy because their opinion changes based on a flawed ideology that cannot fit together at all.

A progressive will tell you the sky is falling because of climate change. He or she will scream from the mountaintop about the evil of the Keystone XL pipeline. Then they will lament about the horrible oil train disasters in Canada and demand that something must be done. It will not matter to them one iota that the Keystone XL pipeline would actually lead to a smaller carbon footprint than the alternative plan to run the pipeline to the west coast of Canada instead of Louisiana. Never mind it would also reduce the chances of oil train disasters due to the fact (there’s that pesky word again) that less oil would need to move by rail. All that truly matters to many of them is that a political party they disagree with favors it, so they must therefore oppose it. In reality, if you want the true reason for the delay, as usual you should probably follow the money. Progressives are often naïve to this fact (oops, another one), especially when it involves a politician with a “D” beside their name

After raising a huge stink about these things and the effect they will allegedly have on the environment, prominent progressives will tell us that pollution is also racist, and how evil Republicans are just greedy old, white men who give billions of dollars to other rich, old, white oil guys, and that’s why minorities are poor. They are so greedy they are destroying the planet in the process, and so maniacal they don’t care.

After enlightening us with all this knowledge they will hop in their limos and ride to the airport so they can fly off to give a speech on the "climate crisis" (everything is a crisis to progressives, only you're not supposed to notice when they show their hypocrisy) and income equality thanks to the evils of Capitalism at some Ivy League university. There they will be paid a $50,000 speaking fee before jetting off to some sweet vacation spot in the Mediterranean, or their lavish mansion in Sea Cliff, or extravagant Manhattan penthouse.

Any attempt at the “civil discourse” progressives call for continually will be futile should you dare to debate a one, and you will be met with the most vitriolic, juvenile attacks you can imagine. Go to any progressive news site or Facebook page on the internet and read the comments. You will see name-calling on the maturity level of a third grader. You will see progressives wishing death, maiming and disease on those they disagree with politically. Simply posting an opposing opinion will get you swarmed with progzombies intent on ridiculing you and thereby making anything you say irrelevant, in spite of its factual basis. And although progressives declare themselves friends to the LGBT community, you will see more personal attacks using gay slurs in the comment sections of progressive websites than almost anywhere else on the internet.

There is another trait predominate in progressives you must be aware of before attempting to debate them. Facts mean nothing. If you make a claim they will ask for evidence. If you give them evidence they will claim it comes from a right-wing hate sight. If you tell them it is official government statistics (that they love to cite themselves) or that it came from a progressive media source they will either change the subject, viciously attack you, claim the reporter is dead wrong, or all of the above. They will almost never accept it is fact no matter how much evidence you provide. Picture a toddler who doesn’t want to hear what his mother is trying to tell him, with his hands over his ears repeatedly screaming, “Na, na, na, na, na!”

You must also consider the Dunning-Kruger Effect when debating a progressive. What is that, you ask? “Psychology Today” describes it as a condition where “ignorance begets confidence.” Basically, someone who falsely believes he is far more intelligent and more knowledgeable than others on a particular subject or skill, or even many, but cannot recognize his own incompetence on the subject. Believing he is so much more intelligent than those with whom he disagrees, he will never accept that he is wrong and they are right, despite the fact (another progressive head just exploded) that they have repeatedly demonstrated to the progressive that he is wrong or does not have all the information required to come to an informed conclusion.

As impossible as the task may seem, giving up is not the answer. The progressive ideology must be exposed for what it is. A fantasy. A lie. It must not be silenced. It must be allowed to speak, and we must be prepared to expose it when it does. As a child we all learned that telling the truth is easier than lying, even though the consequences may be tough. Once you lie, you have to keep lying to cover your previous lies. At least most of us did. This is where you can see behind the mask of the progressive. In all his or her convoluted attempts to explain away hypocrisy and lies, they get twisted and tangled in their own webs, just like our mothers and fathers told us would happen when we were children. Progressives just never cared. The ends justify the means. You can find countless examples of it on a daily basis simply by scanning the web and doing your own research. If you yearn to live free, and hope those that follow you will have that same opportunity, it is your duty to do so. It is your duty to stand up and help expose an immature ideology that will be the downfall of this nation if it is allowed to continue to exist as an option worthy of consideration.

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