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Progressive playbook for 2014 and beyond

Democracy no,... Democrat Party accepts cash, checks and debit cards
Democracy no,... Democrat Party accepts cash, checks and debit cards
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Wouldn’t it be nice as a concerned voter to be able to cut thru the bull shit political ads to find what a politician really supports? To be able to see issues are really important to those hoping to represent you? It might be nice but who but the rich have an extra $30,000 laying around for dues to the insiders club. That thirty grand only gets you a membership card, to be in good standing you still have to raise at least $200,000 for one of the approved groups. That is the current cost to be an insider for the party of the little people the Democrat Party.

You see it is not cheap to be an insider. (Possibly why Hillary complained of being broke) But if you can afford it you too can be a member of the Democracy Alliance or the DA. Membership has its rewards like the annual spring meeting in the exclusive Chicago Ritz-Carlton hotel. There you can not only review and discuss the progressive playbook while attending wine parties you can run elbows with the likes of Debbie Wasserman, Valerie Jarrett, Bill de Blasio, David Brock, Richard Trumka, and Jonathan Soros. If you are a real insider you receive special instructions and a 62 page booklet outline the goals for 2014 and beyond.

We are lucky because we don’t have to associate with these progressives or spend our hard earned money to view the game plan. The Politico though not invited, attended and let us mere voters in on the secrets. (Politico) Not only that but they managed to get their hands on and shared the playbook. (Playbook) This book highlights their accomplishments from last year and defines their goals in the coming years.

The problems with our nation are apparent. Our economy is still at depression error growth, our borders are being overwhelmed, the basic necessities like food and fuel are rising almost daily, and our foreign policy is dyslectic. So how do the progressives plan to tackle these problems? What grand plans have been developed to correct the course of America? Reading the plan the progressives are happy with the current state of affairs. The playbook highlights what they have accomplished for themselves and how to do more of the same.

They highlight their victories from last year such as overturning DOMA, (Defense of Marriage act) weakening of voter protections, Obamacare enrolments. and executive actions on climate change. Notice not one addresses the concerns of everyday Americans. If you are thinking they address the problems in future plans, you would be wrong. The progressive Democrats will concentrate on taking over more of the election administration, getting more like minded judges on all benches, using government grants to enroll more minorities in Obamacare “significant to building long term power in those communities”. They intend to continue challenging voter ID laws, continue working to identify your vote thru voters rolls matched to polling questions, continue working with the White House to invent more gun control laws, and work harder than ever on immigration reform. (Amnesty)

Besides the fact that not one piece of their agenda will help working Americans a few other points are worth highlighting to those not privy to the inside circle. The current state of America is not just an inexperienced administration; it is the grand plan of the Democrat party. You can feel their glee at the havoc they have created to ensure they remain in power. When you read the report carefully you can see their method of using elected officials to grant tax dollars to non-profits to elect more officials to grant more tax dollars. Which non-profits would be in violation of IRS rules by supporting Democrat candidates? Turn to page 53 to see a list of one hundred and seventy two 501c’s that pay no taxes on money used to directly influence the voting public.

You might be wondering why such a document now public is not the headline or lead story on any news/entertainment program. Well the party that preaches transparency tried to keep it a secret by posting a “be on the lookout for” list of journalist they couldn’t trust. (Reporter lookout) The other news networks have just chosen to ignore it.

Since the Democrats were so helpful to let us know what they really stand for what will we do about it? Throw up our hands and moan it is too late. Get mad for a little while and go back to House wives of Beverly Hills? How about we spread the word and make sure to vote. Vote in numbers impressive enough to overcome the fraud, illegals and all the tax dollars used to suppress opposing votes. The alternative is to be forced to live your life the way the Democrats deem acceptable. Pay your ever increasing taxes to support their plans while begging for relief. What is your plan for 2014 and beyond?

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