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"Progressive" global warming rant is Obamacare distraction (video)

The liberals, now called progressives are overreaching on the issue of climate change, which once was known as global warming.” Who will ever forget Secretary of State John Kerry ranting to a clueless Indonesian audience his White House global warming talking points? "MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough undersstands this and called the hysteria "ideological rampages" on Monday.

Self-proclaimed climate expert Al Gore measuring the amount of bs he is delivering
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To many scientists, the left went over-the-top on the subject more than a decade ago. Though mankind may be contributing to climate change, Republicans aren't going to embrace policies that will kill jobs just because it is politically correct to become Chicken Little according to Scarborough.

That very same hysteria is the reason the word liberal became a dirty media word and was replaced by “progressive" and global warming became “climate change” or whatever else sounds more soothing.

Scarborough’s comments came shortly after a statement by Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. He downplayed the role of modern-day activities on climate change. Rubio’s comments came on Sunday’s morning’s ABC "This Week." As Rubio put it, he did not "believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it."

Scarborough, no stranger to politics as a former Florida Republican congressman, accused Al Gore and other self-proclaimed “climate experts” as acting as if it’s all-or-nothing to what they believe. "A lot of us believe the left has overreached on this issue. And we're not going to throw people out of work because of their ideological rampages," Scarborough said.

Americans have accepted the fact that climate change is indeed an issue. "Look at the polling numbers from 2004, 2005, 2006. Americans were actually bought in to the concept of climate change, and that we needed to move aggressively on it," Scarborough said.

But lately the issue has become like the “Salem witch trials." As is typical of “progressives” who want everyone to think their way or be demonized, if you do not think it’s the end of the world, you are labeled "anti-science." More than likely they will invoke race into the debate before they either get their way or disappear, like they did after the disastrous Denmark Climate Summit a number of years back.

Who can forget that "great environmentalist" Nancy Pelosi jetting into Copenhagen aboard an empty Air Force transport plane burning thousand of gallons of fuel an hour? The word “hypocrite” didn’t begin to tell the story of that political fiasco and Smilin' Nancy's carbon footprint.

Scarborough put it perfectly into perspective. "People on the far left have been like televangelists over the past 10 years, where you either believe in their form of climate change that, like Al Gore said, 'The waters are going to rise, and we're going to be submerged in Florida in 50 years, or else you're going to hell,' some sort of climate hell. A lot of us reject that."

Interestingly, Scarborough’s guest on Monday, William Geist, said that “climate change is not a big issue for voters.” That will not be the case until “progressives” beat the issue to death.

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