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Progress from neighborhood watch groups to neighborhood prepper groups

Neighborhood watch groups try to prevent scenes such as this one.
Neighborhood watch groups try to prevent scenes such as this one.
Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

City and suburban preppers have an option that usually is not available to rural preppers who rarely live as close to their neighbors. City and suburban preppers can form neighborhood watch groups to supplement the police efforts to reduce crime in their communities. Then, city and suburban preppers can try to recruit some or all of their watch group members for their desired offshoot prepper groups.

To establish a neighborhood watch group, try to involve the local police.They can provide crime information, training and guidance to the neighborhood watch group as it forms. Determine what members want to accomplish, elect leaders, and establish administrative procedures.

These groups also can provide social and recreational opportunities for members who enjoy activities together such as parties, cookouts, and visits to gun ranges. These activities are important because they help the group members to bond with one another.

Some neighborhood residents might not have the time or motivation to become involved in watch groups. If that is the case, preppers should try to treat these neighbors with courtesy and respect. Perhaps these reluctant neighbors will change their minds or a least serve as extra pairs of eyes and ears to help their neighbors. This is a lower level of involvement in watch groups, but it can be important, or even critical.

A good time to talk to watch group members about new prepper groups is when disasters seem to be in the news or seem to be about to happen. Also, selling influential watch group members on the proposed prepper group ahead of time can maximize the chances that other watch group members will agree to form an additional prepper group.

Neighborhood watch groups are important for two reasons. First, they help to deter crime during an era of police cutbacks. Second, instead of trying to form prepper groups from no neighborhood groups, neighborhood watch groups can increase the chances of forming prepper groups. Good luck in your communal crime prevention and disaster preparation efforts.

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