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Program in Brevard County, Florida locates lost loved ones in record time

Looking for a Loved One © D.P. Clarke
Looking for a Loved One © D.P. Clarke
Looking for a Loved One © D.P. Clarke

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Nor is it part of America. Denial is a state people choose to live in rather than face the oncoming inevitability of their own demise. Death and taxes are real. Because one pays taxes yearly, they can’t be ignored. Death is something else altogether.

In their youth people tend to be oblivious of death. In middle age, it looms over people’s shoulders like a specter which is mostly ignored, but which isn’t going to go away. However, for those who have reached the winter of their years, swimming in the waters of denial about death is an exercise in futility. Like the Nile, deaths swift currents wait to carry one away, while denizens of the deep lurk beneath the surface eager to devour.

The path every human being is on towards the end of life does not have to be fraught with fear. Yes bad things can happen. Schemers prey on the elderly through fraud. Nursing home attendants can be less then honest. Sickness and disease attack frail bodies and weakened minds. That is why Brevard County TRIAD, Inc. operates a program to help the elderly. It is called “Project Lifesaver.”

According to their brochure, “Project Lifesaver is a program designed to track and locate lost individuals. This program is designed specifically for families living with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Down Syndrome, Autism, and related disorders.” From this description, one can conclude that the program is not only able to assist the elderly, but families with young children as well.

Individuals enrolled in Project Lifesaver are given a bracelet which contains a personalized radio transmitter. If the program is informed that a loved one is missing, the signal from their transmitter is traced by trained law enforcement personnel through receivers located on the ground, as well as tracking them from the air. Using this technology Project Lifesaver has succeeded in locating someone in times averaging less than thirty minutes.

Enrollment in Project Lifesaver is done by calling 211 Brevard at 321-632-6688, or by downloading an application at Applications are processed by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Community Services Unit. A bracelet costs $290, with a $100 a year fee which covers the cost of monthly battery replacements. Payment plans are available and, if a family cannot afford to purchase a bracelet, some qualifying clients may receive one at no cost.

Project Lifesaver could use some financial help to cover those who can’t afford the program. In addition, they are trying to raise money to equip more helicopters with the technology. Tax deductable donations can be sent to: Brevard County TRIAD, Inc., P.O. Box 410518, Melbourne, FL 32941.

Hopefully Project Lifesaver can bring peace of mind to those living with loved ones who need this kind of protection. This article was printed as a public service message.

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