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Profoundly creative: Disabled artists show at Gallery Underground

Curator Tric Mazul, 'Art Brut, Making Their Mark' at Gallery Underground
Curator Tric Mazul, 'Art Brut, Making Their Mark' at Gallery Underground
James George

People with disabilities cover a broad spectrum that includes physical impairments and mental impairments that may be something that a person is born with, and may be something that is the result of a catastrophe encountered during life. The medical community deals with these conditions, including behavioral healthcare professionals and art therapists. All human beings possess intellectual capacity that may be enhanced, and quality of life can be improved through artistic expression. The act of making art is therapeutic as is the act of appreciating the results.

'Art Brut, Making Their Mark' at Gallery Undergound
James George

Gallery Underground provided the space where artists with disabilities can connect with the public. Art therapist, Tric Mazul (Purple Art), curated the exhibit with support from Connie Grace, Jackie Afram, Kat Jamieson, Arlington Artists Alliance, and Cynthia McKoy.

“Art Brut, Making Their Mark” exhibit is located in the Focus Gallery at Gallery Underground.

One painting is an exceptionally large work, and others are of size that is typical of gallery work. All of the matting and framing materials are from donations. The work to assemble the work for gallery presentation is from volunteers.

A work by artist, Bobby, is a collage of shells that is exceptionally interesting as a 3D work.

Member’s art is also exhibited in the large gallery.

See the slideshow.

Art Therapist, Tric Muzul introduces “Art Brut, Making Their Mark”

Hearing her description provides insight into the challenge and opportunity from this experience.

Making artwork is challenging for all artists. But, those with physical disabilities must find a way to control the application of art materials to produce work as they intend it to be. Some media is more forgiving than others. Or, another way to consider it, some media are as free as the artists producing the outcome.

Artistic expression is uniquely that of what the artist brings to the picture with all of their capabilities and all of their might. In the end, art like this helps answer the questions, who am I and what am I about?

Gallery Underground
2100 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202

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