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Profiles of women in Apologetics: Pamela Christian

Apologist, author, and keynote speaker Pamela Christian
Pamela Christian

March is Women’s History Month. To honor this, the Baltimore Christianity Column will be featuring the profiles of talented and accomplished women in the field of Christian Apologetics all month. These are trained, professional, and accomplished women who champion Christianity through their expertise in fields such as philosophy, history, and science.

In 1 Peter 3:15, the writer tells his readers to always be prepared to make a defense for the hope that they held. Peter was talking to every day men and women, not the academic elite or trained ministers. Clearly Peter expected all Christians to prepare themselves for the challenging questions leveled by an unbelieving world.

Pamela Christian is a quintessential example of a self-made Christian Apologist. Through rigorous study and self-training, Pamela has begun her own Apologetic ministry, and self-published her book Examine Your Faith: Finding Truth in a World of Lies, wherein she shares her studies and faith-finding for consumption of Christians and non-Christians alike. Her book has been endorsed by the likes of Josh McDowell, Dr. Craig Hazen and Dan Story; and Pamela has become a featured keynote speaker to both Christian and non-Christian audiences throughout the US.

Pamela talks about her “everyman” approach to Christian Apologetics:

“While I highly esteem the leaders in the field of apologetics with their many degrees and doctorates, and am grateful to be able to study and learn from them, my path is different. I have a certificate in apologetics from Biola, and countless years of personal study that can't be measured by educational achievements. Perhaps I'm one of the foolish things God uses, but I rather like the ‘relatability’ I have with people from all walks of life.”

Crediting her success to tenacity, Pamela says:

“…any time we give up on anything, we're giving up on God because with God all things are possible. Spiritual tenacity is essential for the victorious life Christ died to provide us. And I've found I can best remain tenacious with a continual ingesting of truth based on God's word.”

In her view, her success in becoming a self-made apologist has in no way been hindered by her womanhood. While she recognizes that the defense of the Christian Worldview has traditionally fallen to men, Pamela doesn’t think this is anything more than an illusory roadblock to women:

“Typically women are naturally more relational and nurturing so we can balance the heady, academic properties of the field. I personally enjoy being challenged with the laser-like contemplations and processes of apologetics, but again, not everyone thinks in that manner. So I choose to keep the cookies on the lower shelf where more can reach them, as Dr. Vernon McGee would say.

“… with the emphasis on ‘Christian,’ the field of Christian Apologetics should be a place where women have it better than in other fields dominated by men …I've been greatly blessed with the encouragement I've received from those men who have endorsed or reviewed my book. Overall my experience has been on the ideal side.”

Pamela’s apologetic focus has been a defense of the exclusivity of Christian claims in comparison to competing faith systems. She was shocked by a dawning awareness that people in the Western World tend to believe that all religions are fundamentally the same, and don’t take the time to really consider the consequences of such a lax approach to the most important questions of life.

About this, Pamela relates:

“I'm deeply concerned for the numbers of people who are seeking to satisfy their ‘faith tank’ with a variety of philosophies and doctrines without giving any rational thought to the validity of these claims. The popular notion that all roads lead to the same God and heaven in this culture of tolerance has allowed many, including highly educated individuals and leaders, to be woefully deceived. In fact it was an article I read with the headline, 'Americans are Surprisingly Tolerant of Religious Faiths' that roused me to write my first in a three-book series, Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies. From the article I learned that today religious tolerance is not the respect of other established religions, rather it's taking tenets from different religions, mixing and matching beliefs to create a personal belief system.”

Pamela is proud of the fact that she was able to make such a difference through self-training, study, and a personal passion to advance the cause of Christ. Her success is her testament to the power of God to uplift the humble in order to glorify him, and is an inspiration to men and women everywhere who want to make a difference for Christ.

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