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Profiles of Huntsville's bartenders: Drew of the Station

Drew, hard at work
Drew, hard at work
Erin Hilliard

The Station is a happening night club with very busy bartenders that go, go, go non-stop. The demands of the crowd don’t allow much time for rest. In fact, the only period that the Station isn’t slammed is the first couple of hours that it’s open in the late afternoon. During this lull, I decided to query one of the talented bartenders for my second interview.
Drew, with a perpetual smile, is a most efficient bartender who has the ability to participate in an interview and keep up with his customers’ needs, and yet not be rude or make the interviewer feel neglected. He has the skills to pour a mean drink, is a multi-tasking master and a highly accommodating person. Truly, Drew is one of the area’s best bartenders.

How long have you bartended?
Nine years

Why did you decide to become a bartender?
The money

What’s the place that you enjoyed working at the most, and why?
The Station, I like the customers and my coworkers and I make good money here, also, my bosses are good people to work for

What is your most and least favorite type of customer?
I like people who don’t bitch and complain the most and the exact opposite I like the least

Other than the Station, where to you like to go when you go out?
The Scene at the Monaco, my friend Scott is a bartender there

I understand that you have communal tips at the Station, how well does that work out?
Awesome, it always evens itself out in the end because one night someone comes in early and leaves early and the next night they come in late and stay late

What’s your opinion of the 2am alcohol shut off?
Perfect, people tend to get drunker and be on the road later otherwise

Any bartending secrets that you’d like to share?
Always stay ahead and you never get behind – it’s the best thing that you can teach anybody

What’s the hardest or most exasperating drink to make and why?
Lemon drops, buttery nipples, anything that needs milk

What’s your ideal night out?
Have some drinks, a good dinner, and go home with my girlfriend

What’s your favorite beer and favorite mixed drink?
Sam Adams Octoberfest and chilled Rumplemintz

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve witnessed working at the Station?
Somebody sitting at the bar, on a bar stool, peeing

What sort of music do they play at the Station that you like the most and the least?
I like anything new rock or pop the most and anything country the least

If you could work anywhere at all, where would that be and why?
In Vegas at the Harrah’s outdoor bar, they make about $300K a year

Do you have problems with drugs at the Station?

Any last thoughts?
I’ve never once dreaded coming to work since I’ve been bartending


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