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Profiles of Huntsville's bartenders: Crowe of Bandito Burrito in Madison

Crowe - Bandito's happiest bartender
Crowe - Bandito's happiest bartender
Erin Hilliard

Ever know somebody that resembles nothing so much as a big teddy bear? Well, that’s Crowe, one of the fine nighttime bartenders at Bandito Burrito in Madison. Crowe is an obliging, helpful, and extremely friendly man and he treats his customers with the upmost respect. He’s always a happy person and is known by all of his customers as a great guy to have behind the bar, whether it’s a simple beer that’s called for or a more complex mixed drink.
All affability, Crowe answered questions so that readers can get a better glimpse into the inner workings of this “beary” wonderful man who provides Bandito’s nightlife clientele with such amazing service. This writer’s opinion is that you cannot find a more pleasant and laid back fellow behind a bar anywhere in the area, thus recommends that these readers come to Bandito in Madison and experience for yourselves some of the best service to be found in the area.

How long have you worked as a bartender?

5 years

Why did you decide to?
Easy and fast money

What about this job do you like the most and the least?
I like the people I meet the most and I like the hours the least

What is your favorite beer and your favorite mixed drink?
Bud Light and cheap tequila

Other than Bandito, what places do you like to go out to?
CD’s, Mason’s, and Jimmy’s

What’s your ideal night out?
On a Thursday, I’d start at Bandito, wind up downtown somewhere, and then end the night at a strip club

Would you recommend bartending as a job to others?
Yes – there’s easy money to be made

What are the most necessary skills to have as a bartender?
Be able to not tick people off when they’re drunk and people skills in general

What’s your best and worst experience as a bartender?
The best – no comment, the worst – having to throw somebody out the door

What’s the best tip that you’ve ever gotten?
$130 on a $46 tab

What’s your opinion on the 2 am alcohol shut off?
Perfect because if you haven’t drank enough by then, just wait until the next day

What do you think about dry counties?
Pointless – there’s lost revenue for the dry county because people are just going to go elsewhere to get it

Ever witness any bar fights, how many, and have you ever been involved in one?
Yes, I’ve witnessed enough of them and no, I haven’t been in one, only broken them up

Ever have anybody try to use a fake ID on you?

Plenty of times

Any bartending secrets that you’d like to share?

I don’t have any secrets

What’s the most of the wall thing you’ve heard or seen as a bartender?
I caught a man performing cunnilingus on a woman that was sitting on the bar

Do you ever regret becoming a bartender?
No – I love my job

Any last thoughts that you would like to share?
I wish that I’d have become a bartender long before I did


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