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Profiles from ‘Collective Ink’: Maureen Radcliffe George, printmaker

Here is the last of the “Collective Ink” printmaker profiles. Each profile that is linked to this story, features artists who appear in the show in just a couple of weeks. This is personally a big deal because Maureen Radcliffe George is my wife and February 14th is our anniversary that is almost coincident with Valentine’s Day as the show is.

See Maureen Radcliffe George prints at the Popcorn Gallery in the 'Collective Ink' show
James George
Maureen Radcliffe George, printmaker preparing work for the Popcorn Gallery
James George

Without further ado, here is an introduction to Maureen Radcliffe George and her work. She divides her prints into three groups: Water, Figures, and Texture. Her leading with “water” is no coincidence as she is a swimmer, and one requirement of our marriage was to be close to the water. We did that, having lived on two islands: Davis Island in Tampa, and Alameda Island on the San Francisco Bay. Of course, there was a sensational period of having lived on the Santa Monica Bay in Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach, California. Now, we have Lubber Run.

Anyway, Maureen is captivated by “figures,” inspired by operas. If you have sophisticated tastes for opera, music, dance, and culture, you will love the prints at the Popcorn Gallery in Glen Echo.

Many of her local patrons enjoy her “texture” prints that often come from organic sources such as leaves and trees. However, she is not a literalist. Her imagination is asymmetrical.

In her website, she speaks about layering as that is a consistent theme. One aspect of her work is the intricate detail that she achieves from layering ink, paper, and sometimes cloth into a printmaker’s collage. See her new work in the slideshow and the real deal with Maureen and her friends who are members of “Collective Ink.”

“Collective Ink

February 15- March 16, 2014
Reception: Saturday, February 22, 2014 3-5 p.m.

Popcorn Gallery
7300 MacArthur Blvd.
Glen Echo Park, MD 20812

The show's visual interest is enhanced by the diverse methods of printmaking represented (including monotype, etching and aquatint, reduction woodcut and photopolymer intaglio) and the subject matter included, but the exhibition remains a unified body because all of the exhibited works will be prints.

Collective Ink incorporates a variety of prints and techniques, allowing each artist to present the best of her work. Each offers a unique take on a theme, ranging from landscape, photo imagery and still life to fantasy and portraiture.”

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