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Profiles from 'Collective Ink': Liz Wolf, printmaker

Among sons, daughter, and grandchildren, Liz Wolf is mother to the family and artist for everyone. She is incredibly busy at her work in the studio, with occasional excursions on a cruise boat where she becomes a part of the entertainment conducting workshops.

Tan & Red Leaves by Liz Wolf
James George
Liz Wolf at work at Lee Arts Center
James George

What makes her an exceptional member of the “Collective Ink” group at Lee Arts Center include her thought leadership as well as deep knowledge about methods and techniques in printmaking. This comes from her drive to learn and to teach and share among the willing.

Sometimes, her work reflects her Jewish heritage. Other times, she takes hold of natural things and applies her perspective and techniques that result in refined and finished works of art.

In this series of articles, consider comparing and contrasting the participants with the understanding that their work comes from the same studio, with access to the same tools and materials. Yet, the outcomes are profoundly different.

It is the best example that artists are people, and their culture and individualism are reflected directly in their work.

See the slideshow to view examples of her work. There is a series of "leaves," with each print progressing seemingly through the process of changing leaf colors. That would be the literal translation. From a design sense, the three prints comprise a collection of subtly matching images that might balance a room when hung in variable lighting.

There is much to explore and to discuss with artists about their work. Attend the opening in February at the Popcorn Gallery and ask Liz Wolf to tell you about her work.

Popcorn Gallery
7300 MacArthur Blvd.
Glen Echo, Maryland 20812

Reception: Saturday, February 22, 2014 3-5 p.m.

February 15-March 16, 2014

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