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Profile: The Hiwe - Reinventing the online chatting experience

The Hiwe is a unique online platform that allows users from anywhere in the world to chat freely with each other. You can roam to any location around the globe and start a conversation with anyone that you find interesting or would love to get to know better. On The Hiwe, users initiate conversations through memos.

There is no doubt that chat has been around for a long period of time since the formation of the online world, but The Hiwe presents a new generation of world communication and its key feature is the fact that it opens up the world of chat for you without your location.

The Hiwe has two core features - one is its chat feature and the other is its map. By combining these two elements, The Hiwe has created an environment that is both unique as well as open. Its key distinction from other chat platforms is the fact that it enables you to chat with total strangers. On most other social networks, you mainly interact with people who you are connected to and on most occasions, there is limited possibility of chatting with complete strangers. That is not the case with The Hiwe.

The second distinction is the mode of communication that is used. The Hiwe has introduced memos. These memos are posted on top of users profile pictures and serve as the opening line for others to approach them and start a conversation. Once the conversation starts, it can either continue in the comment section or in a private-talk section, whichever mode the user prefers. The map allows users to choose any location they wish to explore and meet people around the globe.

By interlacing chat and maps, The Hiwe has provided users with one of the most sophisticated chatting environment available today. Whether it’s Manhattan, Paris or India, The Hiwe is your virtual chat room anywhere in the world. You can chat with someone in your hometown or someone in Africa; it is now completely possible and totally free.

It is not your typical chat software. You won't see typical profiles and the use of instant messages. This is a completely new and unique chatting portal that is dynamic and sophisticated.

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