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Profile of mompreneurs: Stacy and Amber co-founders of Bump Water Part 2

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This Examiner had the opportunity to interview three mompreneurs. These are women who are committed to wellness for women. Their mission is to help women (and men) be the healthiest and most fit they can be. My first interview was with Anna Urban. She is co-founder of Aviva Hair Revitalizer. Part 1 can be found here.

Part 3 can be found here.

Part 2 was with Stacy and Amber – Co-Founders of Bump Water.

  • Why did you decide to create your brand?

When Stacy was pregnant, she had a difficult time taking her prenatals—thanks to their sheer size, an un-appetizing taste/smell, and her persistent morning sickness. We couldn’t believe there wasn’t an easier way to get the folic acid you need during pregnancy. Since we were drinking so much water, especially sparkling water, and you need more water when you are pregnant, we thought, “Why can’t we sip our way to a healthy baby.” Our husbands jumped on board, and we partnered with a beverage expert and picked the brain of OBGYNs to create an all-natural, refreshing functional water chock full of baby nourishing vitamins—100 percent of the RDA of 10 critical vitamins, most importantly folic acid. Keeping our audience in mind, we also kept sugar and calorie count in mind. After two years of tastings and figuring out how to start a beverage company, the end result is Bump Water—a one-of-a-kind drink to give your baby the best start possible.

  • How do you hope the brand will positively impact the lives of other moms?

Our goal for Bump Water is to make it a little easier for moms and moms-to-be to get the vitamins—most importantly folic acid—they need to keep themselves and their babies healthy and happy. We would love to raise awareness about the importance of folic acid before, during, and after pregnancy. Not only is it proven to reduce the risk of neural tube defects like spina bifida, recent studies also show a link between folic acid deficiency in mothers who have conceived and autism.

  • Have you found any challenges in your work life or home life during your time as founder at your brand?

Like most working moms, we are in a bit of a juggling act. Late-night conference calls, weekend meetings while the kids run around, emails at all hours of the day, are all typical for us. We do what we need to do to make it work. There have definitely been some frustrations along the way, but we just try to take it one day at a time, and not get too ahead of ourselves. Setting reasonable goals is key.

  • What is your number one tip for other moms who are looking to start their own brand?

Do your homework about the industry, utilize social media as much as possible as well as mommy blogs and groups, and most importantly, be passionate about your endeavor. If you don’t believe it in, no one will.

  • What is the best part about being a ‘mompreneur"?

The best part about being a ‘mompreneur’ is that we get to use our experience as moms to help other moms. We get to be part of this amazing community of powerful and intelligent women.