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Profile of mompreneurs: Anna Urban Aviva Hair Revitalizer Part 1

"I am a brand strategist by day, beauty brand founder by night!"
"I am a brand strategist by day, beauty brand founder by night!"
courtesy of Anna Urban

This Examiner had the opportunity to interview three mompreneurs. These are women who are committed to wellness for women. Their mission is to help women (and men) be the healthiest and most fit they can be. My first interview was with Anna Urban. She is co-founder of Aviva Hair Revitalizer.

  • Why did you decide to create your brand?

I am a brand strategist by day, beauty brand founder by night! While working to develop high-profile products for skincare, vitamin and hair care brands, I noticed there was a gap in the marketplace for scientifically advanced, performance-based hair care specially formulated for women. I set out to create a brand that was driven by results, not promises. Having struggled with thin, listless hair all of my life, I wanted to create a product with advanced formulation that utilized all-natural, potent botanicals, and clean chemistry to change hair’s DNA. Aviva empowers women to be proud of their locks. In 2012, a super-team of experts was assembled and we started laying down the blueprints for Aviva.

  • How do you hope the brand will positively impact the lives of other moms?

When I became a mom, I experienced Telogen effluvium - better known as post-pregnancy hair loss, which happens to nearly 50 percent of women after they give birth! After personally experiencing hair loss, I knew I was on the right path confirming my belief that “hair loss happens to all women at all ages,” I knew that I had to seize the opportunity to create a product that helps support healthy hair growth and helps women grow the hair they have always wanted.

  • Have you found any challenges in your work life or home life during your time as founder at your brand?

It’s hard to juggle a start- up and a baby, but I believe that every woman should follow her dreams, take risks and seize the opportunity. I am lucky to have my husband, he is incredibly supportive and my partner in everything. I try to work my schedule around my toddler’s schedule. You have to prioritize and be hyper-organized to accomplish a certain number of things during a 24-hour period. Where you complete those tasks is beside the point; you just need to check them off the list in order to free up time for the things you want to do. So check your emails during nap time, and pay your bills while getting a much-deserved pedicure!

  • What is your number one tip for other moms who are looking to start their own brand?

Today women business owners are on the rise and moms make up 40% of breadwinners for families. Believe in yourself and remember to network! Ask for help and don’t be afraid to take risks. A working mom is only as strong as her support system, having great help is key. If your feel overwhelmed, ask for assistance!

  • What is the best part about being a ‘mompreneur’?

Knowing that I am being an example of strength, hard work and determination to my son is very rewarding. I get a sense of accomplishment from balancing career and motherhood.

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