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Profile of a biking commuter: Carl Guardino, CEO Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Carl Guardino
  Carl Guardino, CEO Silicon Valley Leadership
Group and Honorable Mention, 2009 Silicon Valley
Bike Commuter of the Year

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Carl Guardino, President & CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and a bike commuter, talks below about why he bikes to work -- and don't miss the part about eating all the chocolate he wants (isn't that bonus enough?)

Guardino was recognized this year by the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition with an Honorable Mention in the 2009 Bike Commuter of the Year Awards.

Bike to Work Day is coming up Thursday, May 14.  Are you ready?

"I think it is important that we practice what we preach, or, in my case, to 'pedal' what I preach.

"Rather than drive the 33 miles roundtrip to work each day, I commute by bike an average of four full days each week, or 132 miles. I am sensitive about the hours I work - about 80 per week - and the time away from family. Ironically, when I drive to work, the commute averages about 35 to 45 minutes. Riding to work is almost comparable at 45 to 60 minutes while building in part of my workout in the workday rather than more time away from my wife and daughter. 

"In addition, I average another 100 to 150 miles a week of riding purely for enjoyment. The reasons are numerous - it is a fun and healthy way to start and end my work day, it helps me maintain a level of fitness, gets one more fossil-fuel burning car off the road, and allows me to do my small part to ease traffic congestion.

"I also hope it motivates my Silicon Valley Leadership Group colleagues to consider alternative forms of transportation as well as to live a healthy lifestyle. Through our Annual "CEO/Celebrity Cycle-To-Work Day Challenge," I also believe it aids our goals of broader behavior change throughout the region. Cycling is "not my life," but it certainly enhances my quality of life that I also believe makes a small difference to improve the world around us. Plus, it allows me to eat as much chocolate as I want!"

For more info: Visit Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition for ideas on how you and your family can safely enjoy the pleasures and benefits of cycling.
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  • sonja 5 years ago


    Good article. I better take up biking as I love chocolate :-)

  • Patricia Kutza 5 years ago

    So there is STILL hope for chocolate-lovers! Thanks for this great profile..

  • Ana Dougherty 5 years ago

    Maybe I should start biking too... :)