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Profile: Forte Notation, a software for music enthusiasts

Forte Notation is a music notation software developed by a small team in Germany. The software was designed by four musicians, including Wulf-Dieter Lugert, Alexandre Alves, Matthias Ferkau and Linda Brummack. The people behind the software have a passion for music and that is why they are committed to helping musicians worldwide to live their passion as well.

Since the software has been created by musicians, it is specifically designed to fit the needs of most musicians. It is unique and very easy to use. Whether you are a musician, a teacher, or a choir leader, Forte Notation is described an easy and affordable tool to use.

Forte Notation is available in four unique editions. These consist of Forte 5 Premium designed for ambitious hobby musicians and professionals; Forte 5 Home designed for hobby musicians, choir masters and students; Forte 5 Basic designed for beginners and students and Forte 5 Freeware designed for basic tasks.

Forte is believed to be extremely user friendly with a streamlined interface and seamless control for both multi-functional and single functional use. There are three main tools that come with this software: these include the Music Ruler that allows users to enter notes; the audio sequencer that allows users to record or import audio and play it in conjunction with their composition; and the complex scores that allows you to write elaborate pieces.

Forte Notation will allow you to create music in as little as 10 minutes. The design team wanted to make sure they provide users a tool that is not only easy to use and functional but is also a lot of fun. Forte can be used by people of all ages and of all skill levels. It does not require any major investment and is a system that will definitely produce the result you need.

The dedicated team at Forte provide support to customers in 138 countries. They are always available if users need any support. There are video tutorials available on the website so that customers can familiarize themselves with the mechanism of the software. For customers who want to first try and see how Forte works, they can download the free trial available for all Forte editions.

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