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Profile: Disability Legal Services of Indiana, Inc.

Courtesy of Disability Legal Services of Indiana, Inc.

Disability Legal Services of Indiana, Inc. (DLSI), a newly formed Indiana nonprofit organization based in Indianapolis, is now accepting applications for representation. DLSI was formed in response to a concern over the lack of affordable legal representation for adults and children with disabilities, particularly in the area of education law. In an effort to meet this area of need, DLSI will provide free and low cost legal services to adults and families of children with disabilities in matters of special education, probate, and disability law compliance.

DLSI’s primary area of service is the representation of children and adults with disabilities in education matters. The Indiana Department of Education reports that over 179,000 children are currently eligible for special education services. It is vital that these children receive appropriate special education services to enable them to lead productive and independent lives as adults. When faced with concerns about appropriate special education services for their children, parents often feel overwhelmed and have few places to turn for assistance. Legal services can be costly, and are beyond the reach of most families. DLSI aims to make legal representation affordable and attainable for those families who fall within its economic guidelines.

DLSI also provides services in the areas of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, Section 504 compliance, guardianship, and estate planning. These services will be provided for free or at low cost pursuant to the economic guidelines.

Another service provided by DLSI involves community education. DLSI is committed to helping people with disabilities, and those who love and work with them, to understand what their rights are and where to access resources. DLSI is happy to network with other organizations, and will consider presenting an educational seminar upon request.

For more information, to volunteer or support DLSI, or to apply for representation please visit