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Profile Collective: urban wear, skate wear, and snowboarding clothes by Chris Williams

Back in 2005, Chris Williams came up with Profile Collective, a line that launched him into local notoriety.  Urban wear, skate wear, and snowboarding clothes make up his graffiti and mixed media art line.

“T-shirt design was always something I loved since I can remember,” Williams says, relaxing in his apartment strewn with paints, canvases, and two Rottweiler dogs.  “I also paint canvas, graffiti, mixed media art, and anything that motivates me.

”At the moment, Williams is not found in stores but online.  You can find him at   “I work all by my lonesome,” he says, playing with Dylan, who is chewing on the end of a play toy.  “I had some clothes in Art-Official and am trying to get them into Ride Forever in Lenexa.”

His work has been found in Fingerflip magazine, based out of Portland, Oregon as well. His laid-back skater attitude is infectious; nothing fazes him.  “Some shirts portray my graffiti roots but that’s not all I’m about so I don’t want my clothes to only be about graff.”  His price points are modestly set at $15-35 per shirt, “depending on the print, and if it is one of a kind (custom).”  Look for Williams riding his motorcycle downtown; he is a bboy and something of a local celebrity.


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