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Profile adoption dog: Jackson

Jackson on the day of his rescue to Found.
Jackson on the day of his rescue to Found.
Image courtesy of Found

Jackson is a big dog, a 70 - pound rottweiler mix, who is approximately two years old.  The fact that he is a large dog and wound up in the animal care and control cages is what saved his life.  The good people at Found, a location I've previously written about, focus on dogs that need a little extra help to find them a forever home.  Big dogs like Jackson fit the bill, as do sick dogs that need the extra care and attention that can not be had in a busy place like the facility at Animal Care and Control where a dog's life could come to an abrupt end simply for lack of time to work through some issues. 

Jackson needs a bit more than a good job of grooming, which he did get through Found.  He was also very thin, nervous and stressed.  After five months at Animal Care and Control, his time was about up.  Through an agreement between Found and Animal Care and Control, Jackson's life was saved and Found was able to clean him and fatten him up.  Their care doesn't end there.  He is receiving an individualized rehabilitation program tailored toward his immediate needs.  Working with a trainer he is receiving one-on-one attention in the play, going out on nature walks along the grounds of the shelter at the Chicago River, and socializing.

 Rottweiler portrait

Jackson is clean and healthy, but is in need of a little more TLC before he can be adopted.  You can help in one of three ways:

  • Adoption
  • Sponsorship
  • Socialization

Please contact Alicia Boemi, Executive Director of Found for more information on how you can improve Jackson's life through any - or all three of the options above.  She can be reached at:


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