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Professor shoots himself in foot when gun in his pocket discharges in classroom

Teacher with concealed gun in his pocket shoots himself in the foot when gun fires accidentally.
Teacher with concealed gun in his pocket shoots himself in the foot when gun fires accidentally.
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An Idaho professor carrying a gun into class, which is allowed under a new state law, shot himself in the foot accidentally. The new law went into effect on July 1, allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons on campus with an enhanced concealed-carry permit.

This professor has given ammunition to the critics of guns on campus when he accidentally shot himself in the foot. The instructor had the semi-automatic in his pocket and it somehow discharged while he was teaching a class, according to MSN News on Sept. 5.

Idaho’s new law allows teachers to carry a hidden gun on campus, much to the dislike of the presidents of the state’s leading universities. Idaho State University was ranked as one of the nation’s safest universities on a routine basis.

According to Mail Online, the professor, Byron Bennett, may be facing charges of firing a gun within city limits. The highly accredited teacher has opted to take advantage of the new law obviously to protect himself and his students if the need should ever come up on campus.

Unfortunately in today’s world it is not a rare event for a student to open fire on a school campus. With concealed guns in the hands of teachers, this may stop the shooters in their tracks. It could save student and faculty lives in the long run.

Critics point to the dangers of guns on campus and this accidental discharge of the firearm is something that gives them ammunition when making their case. The bullet clipped the teacher in the foot, but the accident could have easily sent the bullet in a different direction, putting lives in jeopardy.

The new law is seen as necessary by some and then there is the other camp who find it a dangerous addition to campus life. The professor who shot his foot stunned the students at the time in the university’s physical science department. The instructor was treated and released from a local hospital for the gunshot wound to his foot.

The new law prompted the university to dispatch their public safety officers with semiautomatic pistols when patrolling the university campus. Guns are banned from the nuclear research area of the physical science department, but the instructor was in the chemistry lab when the gun accidentally discharged. The professor was in is a section of the campus that you are allowed to carry a concealed weapon under the new law.

The incident yesterday was an unfortunate accident, reports university President Arthur Vailas in a statement he released. Authorities are investigating as to why the gun went off in the professor’s pocket. With student shootings in recent years, most can understand why the professor would want to carry a gun and many even see it as a need for the teachers to arm themselves.

Critics of the new law see no reason for guns to be in the hands of the teachers on campus.

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