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Rutgers Professor: Melissa Harris-Perry apologized due to 'white supremacy'

Brittney Cooper, Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University

Assistant Professor Brittney Cooper wrote an article for Salon magazine today claiming that Melissa Harris-Perry was right to apologize for mocking Mitt Romney's black grandchild, but she was still the target of "faux-outrage on the right."

Cooper said,

"What costs white folks a slap on the wrist, or a mildly disapproving look, costs black people our dignity"

The Rutgers professor said in her article titled, "White supremacy wins again: Melissa Harris Perry and the racial false equivalence," that Harris-Perry was "an unfair target, left at the mercy of the right’s utter dishonesty on questions of race."

She continues to smear conservatives in particular by proclaiming,

"The GOP is notoriously averse at the policy level to the social and political condition of African-Americans, and this has been demonstrated in everything from attempts to disenfranchise black voters to the wholesale turn to obstructionism as a primary governing strategy."

"Obstructionism" now is what used to be referred to as "checks and balances," but who would expect a Rutgers professor to make such petty distinctions?

In an incredible rant, Cooper says,

"No, Mitt Romney’s black grandson is not responsible for his grandfather’s dubious political views. But he will most certainly be raised in a family where at least one of his uncles once quipped about punching the president in the face. In other words, he will grow to be a black man not only in a politically conservative family with 'interesting' views on race, but also in a family that believes in a religion that openly discriminated against Blacks until the 1970s."

It seems that if Cooper was on the panel during that fateful segment, she would have joined in the joke at Romney's grandson's expense.

As if Cooper's bizarre rant against white people could not get worse, she declared,

"Trumped-up white outrage has material consequences for black people."

Ms. Cooper's race-obsessed diatribe was much more offensive than Melissa Harris-Perry's segment, which was not even that offensive, in this author's opinion. Melissa Harris-Perry graciously apologized, and it seemed very sincere. While this author agrees with very little of Ms. Harris Perry's views, she has the right to free speech, like anyone else, even Ms. Cooper.

Brittney Cooper ended her piece by praising Melissa Harris-Perry, saying,

"In a world hellbent on disciplining uppity Negresses and stripping black folks of dignity by demanding our obsequity, she remains a class act."

Cooper also wrote about Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson in an equally offensive piece for Salon, saying in part,

"As Evangelicalism goes, racism, homophobia, and sexism go hand in hand."

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