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Professional Wrestling Podcasts!

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There are a LOT of podcasts on the internet. I'm not sure of the exact count, but I think it is close to 1,234,004 (that is just speculation.) Anyways, the best website I have found to host the most intresting podcasts is Every catagory is represented, and of course, professional wrestling is the only interest I have on there (apart from the Dan Patrick Show. He's the best!). Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, Roddy Piper, Jim Ross, Goldberg are the featured shows that have a variety of guests.Let's start with the most entertaining!

Welcome to, Talk..Is..Jericho! The pod of thunder...and rock and roooooll! Why wouldn't Chris Jericho's podcast be the most entertaining one? The first undisputed champion has a wide range of guests that include current wrestlers (The Miz, Daniel Bryan, Bully Ray), Rock and Roll Muscians from bands like Kiss, Def Leppard, and other experts such as movie director Eli Roth and Rob Zombie! Jericho usually starts the show with a tribute to the cowbell and sings a classic hit song or Mark Henry's theme song! He has also had his 'fish expert' son, Ash, on the show to talk about life in the aquatic, which has been one of my favorite guests. He releases two podcasts every week on Wednesdays and on Fridays (I think that is impressive considering his schedule. Some are pretaped, sure, but think about how busy of a year it is for Y2J). I love professional wrestling, so I love any oppertunity I get to sit around and listen to stories from the guys themselves. Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Batista, Edge and Paul Heyman have been featured on Jericho's podcast and they are all a must listen to for any fan. This podcast was keeping my interest in Y2J when he wasn't wrestling on Monday Nights, and it will keep it up when he leaves again. (The cowbell songs alone are worth the listen!)

I didn't listen to Goldberg's and I really don't have an interest to listen to Goldbergs Podcast. He wrestles for a handful of years, has one good year, and all of a sudden he is above wrestling and Hall of Fame worthy? That is nuts. Randy Savage, Owen Hart, Midnight Express, Rock N Roll express are not in the Hall of Fame, and you think Goldberg should be? One day I'll change my mind and go back to listen to it because I love the business of Professional Wrestling, but it will not be this day (tomorrow doesn't look good either). Steve Austin has two podcasts on the website; one family friendly and one F-bomb dropping uncensored one. He does have a funny reoccuring theme about large rats out on his ranch that move his vehicles and ruin his fences along with some big guests in wrestling history. Eric Bischoff, Paul Heyman have been featured, and if you are a fan of the Texas Rattlesnake, this would be a good way to keep up with the former brawler.

Jim Ross, was the voice of the WWE, and quite frankly has the best podcast for a professional wrestling fan. 'The Ross Report' has other celebrity guests (Rounda Rousey), but he manly focuses on wrestling. Jim Ross breaks down every promotion that is televised and gives a weekly thought on WWE, TNA Impact, and Ring of Honor. Nobody tells a story like Jim Ross, and his interviews with the Hall of Famers and Legends about the old days are more than a joy to listen to. It isn't quite the same as him voicing my Monday Nights, but I'm very thankful that J.R does a podcast because there are few people that I have listened to more on my days on this earth.

Roddy Piper has a broadcast, but I have yet to get into it. Usually it starts out like a Netflix purge when I start a new podcast, but with everything going, the Hot Scot's weekly fixture in my listening is post poned. There is also a Jim Cornette Podcast out there (which I would absolutely LOVE to hear because he isn't shy about anything) but it is not on and it seems to be too tricky at times for my attention span.

I have always had an interest in the "back in my day" stories and how the legends/Hall of Famers thought during the changes in the business. You can subscribe to most of these podcasts through Itunes (which would be best for them considering that is how they are measured) or go to the website. They keep it easy to find what you are wanting to listen to, which makes the most sense to use. If there are other podcasts out there that you think I should check out, @reed214 is my twitter and let me know. Oh, and Paul Heyman,I have every finger crossed in hopes that one day you have a podcast and you let it all out!

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