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Professional Musicianship: A growing self-employment trend in Toronto, Canada

There is definitely evidence of a growing career trend in the Canadian Music industry - specifically in Toronto. One can create a second career as a Professional Musician, having developed and enhanced one's musical talents! Becoming known by a grand audience is the first step toward success. One would spend time researching various markets within which one's music would be fully embraced.

Choose MUSIC as your Career in Toronto, Canada
Choose MUSIC as your Career in Toronto, Canada
Photo from International Music College shared by Jobs Journalist Career Coach Arlanna Alie of News
Becoming a Professional Musician - a NEW LIFE - a whole NEW WORLD
Photo from International Music College shared by Jobs Journalist Career Coach Arlanna Alie of News

The world is yours to be discovered! A solid stream of income can gradually be derived through ongoing gigs, music tours, providing lessons and producing sales (via records, CD's, downloadable tunes). Whether one chooses to manage a band, perform as a freelance soloist, teach music at schools or perform privately at various tourist attractions; there are many avenues that can lead to financially fulfilling opportunities.

It's equally important to create and maintain one's musical repertoire.

One may use the social media options such as YouTube or Vimeo to grow a fan base.

Courses which one might consider to gain knowledge on the business aspect of a Musicianship pathway are as follows:

Metalworks Institute: Arts & Entertainment

Centennial College: Group Singing Class

The Audio Recording Academy Toronto

University of Toronto: Arts Management

Humber College: Arts Administration

Helpful video documentaries are listed below:

ARTS: Being a Successful Musician

Music Industry 101

How to Become a Professional Singer

Military Musicians in the Canadian Forces

How your DAY JOB can help your Music Career

According to sentiments spoken by Tom Hess, the owner of an American Music Corporation ( 'there are millions of guitar players in the world today who dream and desire to be professional musicians who are successful and famous. Now that I actually do know (and have done) what it takes to become a professional in the music industry, I also know that the vast majority of people are simply not willing to do what it takes to make it. Many talk about it, dream about it and some even try it, but very few musicians have the will to take accurate-consistent-forward-moving-intense-action over the long term. This is also the primary reason why most people in America who want to be wealthy are not wealthy - (the opportunities exist for every American to become wealthy who wants to be). The problem isn’t in knowing what to do. The main problem for most musicians is that they would not choose to do what it takes even if they did know what to do and how to do it.'

Canadians are embracing the 'way of doing things' in the music industry!

It is quite clear to many musicians who have learned from the lessons taught by Tom Hess, that one must grab that opportunity and hold on to it for dear life.

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Happy Searching, Toronto!

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