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Professional Farmer 2014 lets gamers recreate tedious farming experience

Professional Farmer 2014 strives to provide a realistic farming experience. Playware SA does this providing a simulator that allows the player to experience all the tedious elements of farming in real life, combined with even more mundane realistic details. The demonstration takes 45 minutes before a gamer can enter her tractor.

Playway SA strove to provide high quality graphics, and the game engine renders its backgrounds beautifully. (Note: The screens appeared grainy on the Terre Haute PC Gaming Examiner's laptop. This may be the fault of the Intel graphics card her laptop uses.)

Realistic simulators should pay attention the major details. Most gamers do not want to spend time learning how to drive a tractor or to spend time learning about the advanced details of animal care. Agricultural courses exist to train farmers, and these courses take years to complete. A PC gamer does not want a college-level education when she plays a simulator. She wants to build her city, to build her farm or to build her civilization quickly.

Playway SA could have produced an enjoyable, easy-to-use farming simulator. Instead, they spent too much time focusing on mundane details. It earns one out of five stars.

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