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Professional ethics are necessary in small business

board room
board room

Regardless of the type business higher management must use ethics from the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) to PM (Project Management) to every supervisor that works with employees. There are many things that can go wrong in daily operations both external and internal so policy and procedures must have ethical values of business written and followed as a standard. Without professional ethics no person within a business will be respected as a leader. Let us consider two scenarios:

Scenario A, Mary begins working at her new place of employment and is looking forward to learn the new accounting program. Something Mary does question at times are the accounting marks but the more use of the program she is beginning to better understand it. What has also helped largely is speaking with Greg, her boss, and seeing actual print outs from previous accounts she has done. Both Greg and Mary sit together in his office and will review a previous account. Greg asks Mary what the next step is on the account as it allows her to look carefully and review. Greg then motivates Mary on everything she has done perfectly and how she can improve her audits.

Scenario B, Alex just graduated college and found a nearby company seeking financial agents and since he just got a Bachelors in Accounting he thought getting his foot in the door would help. Alex went through two weeks of training and felt ready until his first customer. She was a lovely older woman who went by the name of Marjorie. Marjorie wanted to make sure her estate was planned for her family should something happen. After looking through papers Alex located the information to continue explaining documentation to Marjorie. At the end of discussion Marjorie was pleased and chose Alex as her financial agent. She asked for one of his business cards and scheduled a meeting for the following week when she will bring her spouse to sign the paperwork.

After escorting Marjorie to her vehicle, as Alex walks to his desk Thomas, the senior agent asks to see him in his office. Alex walks in and begins to think about his conversation and what needs to be done before next week’s meeting. Thomas begins an overview on the then asks if documentation was missing at his desk. Alex explained how he felt using such resource would provide direct information to the customer for the necessary needs. Instead of Thomas agreeing with the reason there was an eyebrow raise.

The moral: Not all businesses are alike but using professional ethics within that business will ensure employees can succeed.