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Professional cuddler charges $80/hour in New York City

A professional cuddler will make your day better by providing you with someone to have and to hold -- for a price. According to a video report by Diagonal View, a woman named Ali C. has started her own cuddling company. You can basically "rent" her for $80/hour or choose from one of her enticing packages -- such as "movie and a cuddle" for a mere $200. If you want an overnight cuddle, it will cost you $500 -- but Ali says this is reserved for "trusted, reliable, and respectful clients."

Apparently men all over New York City are experiencing the joys of cuddling and many "tear up" while holding a woman in their arms. The process -- which is not meant to be sexual in any way -- causes men to relax and to just enjoy the company of another warm body in their arms.

It may sound like a dangerous, somewhat risky business to you but cuddling is Ali C.'s main priority -- well that, and making money. Would you pay someone to cuddle with you?

© Effie Orfanides 2014

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