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Professional Artist Re-Imagines Our Favorite Disney Princes As Sexy Underwear Mo

Tarzan by David Kewena
David Kawena

Every girl (and some guys) grew up having a little crush on a Disney character or two. I always swooned over Ariel and was mesmerized by Aladdin’s rugged charm. Though I can’t say I ever imagined them quite the same way David Kawena did.

The professional photographer, artist and illustrator has re-imagined Disney’s princes in a way you’ve never (ever!) seen them before. Can animated characters be considered sexy?

Well, they are now…

David’s illustrations are incredible; the sleek lifelike recreations are simply stunning, and if you can get past seeing Hook’s pubes, the rest will be a cake walk. If you’ve ever fantasized about any of the Disney men in their underwear, your dreams are about to come true.

Check out all of the photos and vote for your favorites HERE!

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