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Producer Shoots Down Bradley Cooper as Indiana Jones Rumors

Harrison Ford will remain Indiana Jones for the time being
Harrison Ford will remain Indiana Jones for the time being

Ever since a rumor surfaced that Disney had Bradley Cooper on their list to take over as Indiana Jones in fifth film, it's been nothing but raging debate on the subject. Of course the reaction has been split with some liking the idea of Indiana Jones being recast ala James Bond, while others don't want to see anybody but Ford in the role. But this was all just a rumor at this point; a sketch rumor at that, and it's already being debunked by someone who would definitely know.

Producer Frank Marshall, who has been involved with every Indiana Jones movie to date, hit Twitter to smack down the rumor in short order...

"Due to the ridiculous rumors that keep popping up, like agents pipe dreams, I will stop commenting on our projects until I have real news."

So who knows what's really going on, but it does seem unlikely that Disney is going to let Indiana Jones idle for much longer. It was Latino Review that first broke the story to begin with, and they put perhaps the finest point on this whole thing...

"You really believe that Disney bought the Indy franchise so that it begins & ends with Ford?"

Overall, LR's sourcing may have been off.....for now. We know Disney is going to do more Indiana Jones movies, and they will do them without Harrison Ford when he's done. They just don't seem to be working on them just yet.

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