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Producer Avi Arad desires credit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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According to The Escapist on Monday, producer of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" film Avi Arad stated that he was the single founding member that slated the Marvel shared universe. Before it was taken over by Disney and prior to becoming big universe that most have seen today, it was originally a "tight-budgeted independent co-production deal". It was an idea no one would ever really had much faith in.

Marvel only made use of their unsold 10 characters and utilized them as decolletage in order to do business with Merrill Lynch. The company decided to co-produce along with Paramount Pictures films based on these aforementioned characters and to from the bottom floor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to Arad, "It will sound arrogant to you, but I single handedly (sic) put together the Marvel slate".

Arad is also the former president of Marvel Studios and his successor Kevin Feige took his place. When Arad stepped down it was to work on his "Spider-Man" projects, but it was also suggested that he moved on due to the fact that he thought the "Avengers" project wouldn't pan out.

Since Feige has had huge success, Arad's "The Amazing Spider-Man" reboots has had somewhat of mixed reviews. Last month, there was an issue in Businessweek that had an article that proclaimed Feige as "The Man Who Saved Marvel". Arad was quite reactionary at this and took to email to counter-strike the magazine's author in telling something that may not be entirely accurate. The "Spider-Man" producer said that Feige nor Marvel has ever told the truth about his resignation. In fact, there's no alternate explanation explained from Arad's point of view.

That being said, the producer's Sony Pictures film has done well at the box office and is currently playing in theaters everywhere. Andrew Garfield plays the film's hero and Emma Watson as the hero's love interest both face off against Peter Parker's old villainous pal Norman Osborn.