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Producer/actress Kim Kopf

Kim Kopf
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Ever wonder how movies get made? I do, and it is not just the technical stuff like lights and cameras, but how does the idea form, how is the screen play written and how does a particular cast come together? I find these all fascinating and the answers even more fascinating.

I was recently introduced to an exciting new drama currently in production. My introduction was by itself utterly unpredictable and a classic example of truth being vastly stranger than fiction. My introduction to “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” came as I walked my granddaughter home from kindergarten. Quite literally on the street I meet crew members including the screen writer Tisha Draft. Later that very day I met many of the cast and crew and found myself enthralled.

The cast of “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” is rock solid proven talent and includes Christopher Atkins, Ernest Pierce and Kim Kopf. Ask any actor how they get a “gig” in Hollywood and the standard answer is, “Well my agent submits me for a role, I audition and if they like me I get the part.” That is pretty much the standard route. But I have come to learn that casting a film or television project is often much different than the perceived "standard" path.

In the case of Kim Kopf being cast as Willow Winters in “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” it was more personal and ultimately more moving and more interesting. Fifteen or so years ago Kim Kopf studied acting at Playhouse West. One of her other student/actors was an emerging young talent Tisha Draft. Over the years that followed Kim Kopf grew her acting career substantially being in major films such as WALL-E and television series such as Behind the Scenes and Love Street. For a complete look at Kim Kopf’s acting career see:

Tisha Draft on the other hand devoted herself more to writing than acting. Over the years that followed their first meeting at Playhouse West Tisha and Kim became deep friends. So it was only natural that when Tisha wrote “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” she would discuss the prospects of making a movie with her friend Kim Kopf. Kim fell in love with the story in general and the character Willow Winter in particular. So when Tisha offered the role to Kim, Kim not only instantly accepted but further agreed to help Tisha Draft produce the film.

“A Tennis Shoe in the Street” is well along in production. The target is for a premier of the film at the Cannes Film Festival 2015. I would really like to be there to see that premiere. There is never a perfect predictor of film success but the quality of the property a/k/a the script and the quality of the cast and crew does make a huge difference and in this case it looks absolutely stellar. For more details on “A Tennis Shoe in the Street” go to:

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Copyright 2014 Ron Irwin

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