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Processing anger

After studying mental health counseling for the past 2 years, it seems to me that one of the most toxic things we can do to ourselves is to hold onto anger. Do you know anyone who is harboring ill feelings from a past incident or situation? Perhaps this might be you? If you are or someone you know is, it is creating a block that is causing this person, or you, to live in the past while the present moment is being sabotaged. Basically, this negative energy keeps a person from moving forward.

A wonderful instructor of mine, who has years of counseling experience, offered this insight about how people who have unexpressed anger act. “Unexpressed anger comes out as either isolation, withdrawal, criticism or blame.”

Do you know someone who is always criticizing or blaming others for their problems? If so, it is likely he or she is unsettled and lashing out because of the mess of emotions that are causing havoc from the inside out. offers the following advice for processing anger, “Acknowledge the feeling/emotion
, gently acknowledge the arising of anger… be completely present… There is no need to change your experience in any way.
.. we are not struggling against our present state of mind.

…Let go of thoughts and concerns from your object of anger; feel the anger itself. Let go of the storyline and images around the anger. Stay present with the experience: the sensations of the anger within yourself.
 Explore the physical sensations of anger without judgment. Notice how the anger is not that solid and fixed…

What does it feel like to experience staying with the energy or experience of the anger itself? Where do you sense this anger in your body? … We simply let go of the concepts and stay present with these sensations and feelings.
 [We] May discover that anger is not solid and fixed
… It is changing and shifting. In this way, we do not have to fear the anger.

Melt anger away in a non-dual way.
 Openness or compassion allows us to melt the energy of the anger, and embrace the sensations. We move closer to the experience, rather than pulling back. Now, there is no duality between “me” who is feeling anger, and the “thing” that makes us angry. This allows us to “touch” the anger and experience it directly… Simply let go, release, open, expand, and let be. The basic instruction is to open the eyes and experience the space of the room around you.”

By acknowledging the presence of this horrific energy, being with it and then giving it permission to leave and find its way to the light, you’re able to dissolve the negativity. Say goodbye to misery and hello to a happier life!

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