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Processed foods do not belong in your healthy diet



  • Pat Baird, MA, RD 6 years ago

    The obesity epidemic is a complex issue caused by many factors: Namely too many calories and insufficient activity. In my 20 years as a registered dietitian, I found that deprivation and demonizing foods doesn’t work. People eventually breakdown and overindulge. A better approach to weight management includes a variety of foods, in sensible portion sizes, and moderate activity.
    As a consultant to the food industry (like the Corn Refiners Assoc.) and a college professor I use science to carry the message. For instance, honey, sugar and high fructose corn syrup have the same 4 calories per gram. They have a similar makeupe, and they are metabolized in the same way.
    While “fresh is best” there is a place for some processed foods. Reading food labels is the ideal way to make choices.
    On a personal note, I was only able to lose over 80 pounds – and sustain it – by eating smaller amounts, and including favorite foods. Gradually, it also led to better food and lifestyle choices.

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