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Process Management vs Project Management

There are difference and similarities between process management and project management. In this article we are going to see the literature associated with both of them.

Some organizations are primarily led by process management while some other by forming an environment under project management. In fact all works are the part of the processes and we should be creating organizations that are generally led by both of the managements and form a quality management environment for good support.

What exactly is Project Management?

Project Management refers to the endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result. Also we should note that every project has a starting date and an ending date. Hence it is always time-bound. If the project is longer, then they are broken into different phases or stages and each of this stage can again be called a project. All the projects have definite dead-lines, planning and execution strategies.

What exactly is Process Management?

Exactly opposite to the project. In fact business process management has no dead-line specifications. They are also repeatable and mostly customer driven. All these processes need continuous monitoring for improvement. An activity is also called a Process when it has resembling result and constant team.

Let’s take an example with process management. Consider purchase request processing. It has a standard result like purchase report and a sequence of approvals.

Why Project need to be managed with Comindware Project?

Comindware Project helps to have unique set of actions can be taken with Gantt-chart to add new tasks, prioritize and reassign them.

In case if there are any resource conflicts then they can appear in ad-hoc temporary teams and can be resolved with resource allocation.

Skill Management is required along with work calendars. Time sheets and person unavailability time management is also required. Comindware is one such online project collaboration software that exactly serves this purpose of collaboration. The team members can reside in different geographical locations and one can still stay in touch with one another. Mostly, this is possible because of the Internet and modern business process management web-systems.

Why Comindware Tracker needed for Process Management?

  • It is easy to plan repetitive activities with the help of defined sequence of tasks.

  • To capture resembling process results, forms can be used.

  • To process standard resembling data, rules and validations can be used.

  • Third party software systems should be coordinated.

You can see that all work is a process and can be improved or reengineered in order to meet the continuously changing needs of the customers (internal or external) for whom the process has been designed.

It is also important to note that some activities can have the features of both processes and projects. So it can be determined that the management of a project is a process. The management of a project follows a consistent series of steps that ensures it is successfully managed and meets the project's customer requirements. When starting the project you can implement project management best practices within the determined process. Accordingly you can easily improve the existing process. If the project management methodology (or process) is followed, it is assumed that the project will successfully meet its defined deliverables.

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